Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyers

Being under investigation or being charged with a criminal offense is not only stressful, but it could also be detrimental to various aspects of your life long term. To avoid lasting repercussions of a criminal charge like jail time, fines, inability to rent property, or obtain child custody, speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Columbus, NC, for legal counsel and guidance surrounding the best steps to take regarding your case.

Criminal charges can carry a heavy weight on your life and dealing with this type of event can be overwhelming and stressful when handling it yourself. It is imperative that you speak with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer at King Law to have the best outcome possible for your case.

What Are Your Legal Rights after Being Arrested in Columbus, North Carolina?

Criminal defendants are guaranteed specific rights under federal law. Among these are Miranda Rights, which are read to you at the time of your arrest and communicate the following: 

  • You can choose to stay silent during the time of your arrest
  • Anything you do say can be used against you in court 
  • You have the right to speak with an attorney 
  • If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be assigned to you

You also have additional rights that are expressed in our constitution; these also include: 

  • You can demand probable cause for searches 
  • You have a right against double jeopardy
  • You have the right to a quick trial 
  • You have the right to reasonable bail 
  • You have a right to confront a witness 
  • You can have a public jury 

Knowing your rights can help you down the line in a straightforward or complex trial or investigation. With the help of a Columbus, NC lawyer, you can be sure that you will be aggressively and strategically defended in your trial.

How Does a Criminal Record Affect You?

A criminal record can have a lasting impression on your civil liberties and freedom. Working with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer means that you will have someone who is ardently working to diminish or expunge any charges against you so that you can walk away with a clean criminal record. Detrimental effects to your criminal record may include: 

  • Child custody: Child custody may be affected and restricted for parents with a criminal record, particularly in cases of violence. 
  • Immigration: Criminals with a criminal record can cause detrimental consequences to their green card, naturalization process, and immigration status.  
  • Subsequent criminal case: Having a criminal record can lead to more severe consequences and sentencing. 
  • Employment: You may have difficulty finding employment with a criminal record, most employers submit background checks. 
  • Driving privileges and others: With a criminal record, you may lose driving privileges and others like the right to own firearms and financial aid. 

Working with an experienced and dedicated Columbus, NC criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between a guilty and not-guilty verdict. We understand the stakes of what you can lose and work diligently to fight against these severe consequences.

Types of Criminal Charges an Experienced Lawyer Can Defend at King Law

We are experienced in helping those who are faced with a criminal charge and do all we can to minimize the negative consequences of the offense. We work aggressively to defend your case and use all resources available to successfully diminish or expunge charges against you. The types of criminal charges we defend at King Law include: 

  • Domestic violence 
  • White-collar crimes 
  • Assault
  • Breaking and entering
  • Domestic violence and assault
  • Drug possession and paraphernalia
  • Theft and robbery 

It is in your interest to seek the seasoned expertise of a criminal defense lawyer in Columbus, NC, for the best possible outcome for your case. No matter how mild or severe the charges are, when your freedom, time and rights are at stake, you need a lawyer to passionately advocate for you.

Speak with a Knowledgeable Columbus, NC Criminal Defense Lawyer at King Law 

The King Law legal team is dedicated in providing you with the best quality representation for your unique case and collaboratively working to find weaknesses and strengths in strategy that could lead to a successful outcome. We will exhaust all resources available in order to build a strategic case that helps minimize the severe consequences that come with the criminal charge. 

We understand how intimidating facing a criminal charge can be. Let us navigate the legal complexities to lessen the burden of facing legal repercussions. The Columbus, NC criminal defense lawyers at King Law will aggressively advocate for you to save you time, money, and potentially your freedom and civil liberties. Call (888) 748-5464 (KING) or fill out our contact form to learn more.