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Do you share property use with a neighbor? If so, over time and change of ownership issues may have surfaced regarding easements.  So exactly what are your rights and perhaps more importantly how do you enforce them?

Easements are property entitlements that allow one the use of the specific property of another. The easement is of real property significance but separate from the legal title of the underlying land. The easement portion of the deed should be well defined and consistent as to the location and usage of the easement property. However, this is not always the case and differences, real and perceived, are often encountered.  Changes in laws or mistakes in subsequent property deeds may even add to the confusion.

When the sharing of land, wells, roads, etc. was initially begun there was most likely general agreement among landowners about the best alternative(s) for all concerned.  However, over time landowners may have become more obstinate or new owners may have purchased the property.  The original intentions may have become lost or watered down. Talking to the opposing parties has not resulted in a remedy and the police may not be of assistance. You may feel like you have no place to turn. King Law is often a viable option.  We can research the deed(s) and issue an opinion letter or even file a civil suit on your behalf.

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