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Under North Carolina law, robbery is a felony potentially punishable by years in prison, significant fines, and other severe sanctions. If you have been charged with robbery in Cornelius, a conviction could take a serious and lasting toll on your life, finances, and future. The only realistic way to protect yourself against those consequences is to hire a skilled robbery defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

King Law is a team of seasoned robbery defense attorneys that represents individuals throughout North Carolina, including in Cornelius, who have been accused of robbery and other serious criminal offenses. We fight to protect your rights against the power of law enforcement and aggressive prosecutors. If you face robbery allegations in Cornelius, contact us immediately to learn how we can help you protect your freedom and future. 

North Carolina Robbery Laws

As a North Carolina court explained, robbery is defined as:

“the felonious, non-consensual taking of money or personal property from the person or presence of another by means of violence or fear.” 

A robbery committed with a firearm or other dangerous weapon is a Class D felony. When committed without a gun or dangerous weapon, robbery is a Class G felony.

Using violence or fear to take something belonging to someone else distinguishes robbery from other property crimes. By comparison, larceny (theft) consists simply of unlawful taking of money or property, embezzlement involves abusing a position of trust to take property unlawfully, and fraud entails taking property through deception. Any of these crimes can amount to a potentially serious felony, but North Carolina courts and prosecutors tend to view robbery especially harshly because of its fear and violence components. 

Potential Punishments and Consequences for Robbery

As a felony under North Carolina law, robbery is punishable by potentially significant prison time. The length of the term of incarceration for robbery can vary upwards or downwards depending on various factors, but the baseline sentence for a Class D felony ranges from 38 to 103 months and 10 to 25 months for a Class G felony, depending on the individual’s prior criminal history. 

Persons convicted of robbery in Cornelius also frequently receive sentences that include a period of post-release supervision, a fine, and an order of restitution. Sometimes, when shown compelling reasons for leniency, a court may sentence an individual to probation or home detention instead of prison. 

In addition to the formal sentence imposed by a court, a person convicted of felony robbery in Cornelius can also face potentially profound personal and financial consequences.  These may include: 

  • Job loss, difficulty getting a job, or exclusion from certain types of employment
  • Eviction, difficulty finding a place to live, or loss of housing assistance
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Loss of child custody
  • Deportation, denial of permanent residency, or other immigration consequences

For some individuals, these negative life consequences may cause more damage than any sentence a judge can impose. The only meaningful and effective way to protect yourself from the many types of harm a Cornelius robbery conviction can inflict is to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after any arrest or accusation. 

How King Law Can Help

King Law is a preeminent North Carolina law firm. Our robbery defense lawyers in Cornelius have decades of combined experience representing individuals in and around Cornelius who have been accused of serious crimes like robbery. When you need an aggressive, skilled, resourceful robbery defense lawyer to defend you against Cornelius-area robbery charges, you can find the help you need at King Law.

Our robbery defense attorneys in Cornelius, NC mount robust defenses for their clients. We have the resources to investigate allegations and uncover evidence that police and prosecutors may have missed or chosen to ignore. When we discover violations of our client’s constitutional rights, we are prepared to hold the authorities accountable by seeking to dismiss charges or suppress evidence. Sometimes, our proactive efforts can convince the district attorney not to charge our clients or to reduce or withdraw any charges that have been filed.

King Law Cornelius robbery defense lawyers serve as trusted advisors and allies for their clients at every step of a criminal defense case. We understand the strain a Cornelius robbery charge can inflict not just on the person accused of the crime but also on their spouses, children, and other loved ones. Clients of King Law can always count on their robbery defense lawyer to provide clear, straightforward, and honest advice that answers their questions and assists them in making informed decisions. 

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Cornelius-area prosecutors take robbery seriously and prosecute it aggressively. If you stand accused of robbery in Cornelius, you need a robbery defense lawyer in Cornelius, NC who knows how to fight back, defend you against the government’s allegations, and protect you from a potential conviction’s harshest consequences. The sooner you hire an experienced Cornelius robbery defense attorney, the greater your chances of beating a robbery charge or limiting the damage it does to you and your loved ones.

If you have been accused of, arrested for, or charged with robbery in Cornelius, your rights and future are in danger, and you need a Cornelius, NC robbery defense lawyer ASAP. Do not answer police questions or try to talk your way out of the accusation. Instead, contact an experienced Cornelius robbery defense lawyer at King Law through our contact form. Alternatively, call us at (888) 748-5464 or (888) 748-KING.