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Child support is one of the most contentious areas of family law. Parents have an obligation to give financial support to their children. Unfortunately, disagreements about child support may arise when parents separate or suffer financial setbacks. So, what happens when a parent is delinquent or falls behind on child support payments?

If you’re facing child support problems in Cornelius, an experienced attorney can help you navigate the dispute. Our Cornelius child support lawyers from King Law deeply understand the complex North Carolina child support laws and legislation and are ready to represent you in your child support and custody case.

Determining Child Support

North Carolina’s Child Support Guidelines direct all matters relating to child support in Cornelius. The court applies these presumptive guidelines to decide on how to calculate child support. The formula used has certain variables, including each party’s income, daycare expenses, cost of medical insurance, etc. 

After compilation of all the financial data, the court uses one of the following Worksheets to determine the child support obligation of each parent depending upon the living arrangement of the child:

  • Worksheet A: The court uses this Worksheet if one parent lives with a child for at least 243 nights per year (primary physical custody).
  • Worksheet B: The judge uses Worksheet B when each parent lives with a child for 123 nights or more per year (joint physical custody), whereby each parent financially supports the child while under his or her care.
  • Worksheet C: The court uses Worksheet C if each parent has primary physical custody of one or more children (split custody arrangements).

The judge picks the appropriate Worksheet for your case and determines the percentage each party should pay. However, either party can request a deviation from the guidelines. 

Changing Child Support Amount

A party may raise a motion seeking to modify a child support order. However, the moving party must prove that there has been a significant change of circumstances deserving a modification. For instance, a decrease or increase in the needs of the children is always a significant change of circumstances necessitating a modification of support. 

However, the most common scenario is when a party suffers an involuntary reduction of income. Such a case relies significantly on various factors, including the amount of the reduction, capacity to pay child support despite the reduction, and effort to increase income pronounced in good faith by the affected party. 

How Are Child Support Orders Enforced?

Sometimes parents avoid hiring a child custody attorney and find themselves distraught when they do not get the outcome they want. A child custody lawyer advocates for you in multiple ways and helps remove the emotions as you work through your child custody issues, often resulting in a better outcome for everyone involved. Below are some common reasons parents hire a Cornelius custody attorney.

The obligation to pay child support typically begins when a state family court issues an order for support either as part of a final or temporary divorce proceeding. However, the court issues the order of support to unmarried parents only after establishing paternity. Typically, the supporting parent has to pay child support before a specific time of every month. Several measures exist to collect arrears (past due amounts) and protect against failure to pay in the future. 

Also, North Carolina has an office that enforces child support. The agency helps locate parents with an obligation to pay child support and works with family courts to create orders and ensure support. Failure to pay child support cannot lead to an arrest of non-custodial parents. They first receive a Motion and Order, which allows explaining the reason for going against the terms of the support order. 

But if the court establishes that one can pay, but they ignored to comply with the order, it may consider that as willful contempt. Consequently, the judge may sentence the parent to jail for not complying with the child support law order. 

How Can a Child Support Lawyer Help?

Child support cases are usually intense and antagonistic. That is why it’s advised to engage a reliable Cornelius child support lawyer who can help make the legal process less stressful for you. Here are some of the tasks that a King Law attorney can perform on your behalf: 

  • File all paperwork timely and efficiently
  • Respond to a child support petition
  • Locate the other parent
  • Help in establishing the child’s paternity
  • Issue your ex-partner with a legal notice that you are seeking child support
  • Handle any negotiations on your behalf
  • Help compel the non-custodial parent to provide financial information 
  • Protect your child’s rights to benefits and public education
  • Explain how a Cornelius child support order can lead to tax implications 

Cornelius child support attorneys from King Law understand and can help with the steps and tasks involved in child support cases, thus making the legal process as seamless and painless as possible.

What to Look for in a Cornelius Child Support Lawyer

Child support cases can be challenging. Therefore, you want a qualified legal professional to represent and guide you through the process. Below are some of the critical qualities you should consider:

Specialization in Child Support Cases

Although many family law lawyers are adept in numerous areas, you want a lawyer with a wealth of experience in child support cases. An attorney specializing in child support comes equipped and ready to handle your case’s ups and downs. 

In-Depth Understanding of Cornelius and North Carolina Laws

Since child support laws and regulations differ with states, you should engage a lawyer with extensive knowledge of legislation and the rules of where you live. 


Child support lawsuits are usually intense. A good child support attorney recognizes that and knows what’s at stake for you and your child.

Listening and Communication Skills

A child support attorney must listen and communicate with you, your ex, other lawyers, and judges. Since you are already handling a conflict, a lawyer with great communication skills helps make everything easier and helps avoid strife. 

When you work with King Law, you can rest assured of getting a skilled Cornelius child support lawyer with all the above qualities and skills.

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