Wills & Estates

King Law’s locations offer wills and estate planning services along with other King Law locations.

As the saying goes, two things in life are certain: Death and Taxes.

A well-crafted estate plan can provide assurance and comfort when the unexpected or unwanted occurs. When it comes to planning for inevitable end of life legal needs, you want a well-qualified estate planning attorney who can assist you from our offices in our nine locations in North Carolina and South Carolina. Quality legal council can help you legally preserve assets that you have worked hard to obtain, and can guide you in having the appropriate documentation in place, providing your family with the peace of knowing your wishes when you may not be able to communicate with your loved ones.

A simple or comprehensive estate plan allows you to designate in advance the kind of medical care you want when you can’t speak for yourself, and allows you to designate decision makers of your choosing, who will be able to conduct business on your behalf. If you have minor children, your South or North Carolina estate planning attorney will include a provision for their well-being in your absence.

Whether your estate planning needs are simple or complex, you will be making a very wise and relatively small investment when you see King Law Offices in South or North Carolina to obtain help with an estate plan, will, or trust.

A simple estate plan typically includes a Simple Will, Durable/Guardian Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney and Living Will. We are also well-situated to assist when a more comprehensive estate plan is in order, for example trusts, deed transfers, and the like.

In addition to providing estate planning attorney services across North Carolina and South Carolina, we also deliver estate administration services, including: Interpretation of Wills and Trusts, assisting heirs, beneficiaries, and fiduciaries in litigation over the validity of Wills, and other matters related to the administration of estates.

King Law Offices is dedicated to bringing clients a solid, effective process for estate planning that ensures that your hard-earned possessions and property can easily pass to the beneficiaries of your choosing. Perhaps few things in your life will be as important as developing an estate plan that will provide for you and your family’s future. Our firm is dedicated to bringing you quality estate planning attorney services from North Carolina and South Carolina and advising you to meet your needs in any of the following areas:

Estate Administration
Estate Planning
Guardian Power of Attorneys
Healthcare Power of Attorneys
Simple Wills