Premises Liability / Slip & Falls

Premises Liability is a term that can refer to a wide range of negligent torts. Most people understand that term to refer to “slip and fall” actions or cases when you go to the grocery store or some other business.

People who open businesses, whether local or a chain, have a duty to make sure that the environment they welcome you in is safe. That means, among other things, that all of the areas to which you go are clean and dry.

After all, if they want to welcome you in and hopefully sell you something, then they need to maintain a store or other environment that is safe. All too often they neglect this and people get hurt and injured. It’s one of the main reasons that insurance is kept and also the main reason for insurance.

Our attorneys handle a wide variety of these types of cases every year. If you have been injured in such a manner, please contact us to discuss the facts of your case and how the legal system works to best protect you and your family.