High Conflict Divorce Lawyers in North Carolina

When divorces become challenging and spouses cannot coexist amicably, it becomes essential to hire an experienced divorce lawyer. In a contentious, high conflict divorce, one spouse may not want to let go of the marriage and become angry or obstinate, sometimes refusing to compromise at all. In these instances, spouses may even deliberately create conflict to have communication with the other spouse. High conflict divorces can also result from financial matters and concerns over child custody.

At King Law Offices, our high conflict divorce attorneys are accomplished negotiators and highly skilled advocates experienced in North Carolina divorce and family law. Our client’s best interests are the center focus of everything we do. Let us support you through the divorce process by providing you with dedicated family law services to lessen the stress of your divorce and work towards the most beneficial resolution possible.

What Does a High Conflict Divorce Involve?

High conflict divorce cases in North Carolina are like other divorces but frequently take much longer and are more challenging because of one spouse’s combative or resentful behavior. If you are going through a divorce and your spouse refuses to meet or compromise on any terms, consult a lawyer immediately. King Law’s North Carolina divorce attorneys can advocate for you through litigation and help ensure the conflict created by your spouse does not impact your children more than necessary.

In some instances, the conflict in a divorce is the result of abusive behavior or domestic violence. In that case, we help clients and their children, when applicable, seek protective orders and help them navigate the challenging steps that follow so they can move forward in their lives after the divorce.

What Are the Most Contended Disputes in a High Conflict Divorce?

If your spouse does not agree to meet any of your terms, hire a qualified North Carolina divorce lawyer experienced in high conflict cases immediately. You can depend on King Law’s dedicated legal team to advocate for you during litigation while also ensuring conflicts made by your spouse do not affect you and your children more than necessary.

Our attorneys protect your very best interests on contentious matters in your divorce case, including the following:


In an alimony agreement, one spouse financially supports the other. A spouse who thinks they are eligible for alimony may want to create a budget outlining how much they typically spend on living expenses each month. Major factors in deciding if one has the right to alimony include

  • Income gaps between the spouses
  • The duration of the marriage
  • Other financial circumstances
  • Child Custody

Negotiating parental responsibilities, child custody, and visitation are some of the most challenging matters in high conflict divorce cases involving children. The most important consideration is who has legal custody of the child or children, deciding on significant aspects of their lives, such as:

  • Education
  • Medical care
  • Religious affiliation

Physical custody means the lawful right of a parent to keep a child in their care. Depending on the circumstances, the court may grant only one parent sole custody, or parents may share physical custody. Additionally, parents must agree on which parenting styles, schedules, and activities are most suited for the growth and health of their child or children.

Child Support

In contrast to child custody related to a child’s health, development, and where they will live, child support refers to ensuring that they receive sufficient financial support—no matter the parents’ divorce status.

In North Carolina, both parents must pay child support until the child becomes 18 years old. However, in most cases, only the non-custodial parent pays child support. That is because North Carolina laws assume parents with primary custodial responsibilities have already spent the required financial resources caring for the child.

Division of Property

Property division and financial matters are frequently the primary stressors in a high-conflict divorce. North Carolina is an equitable distribution state, so divorcing spouses must identify joint assets and debts acquired throughout the marriage and split them equitably.

Assets that are divided during a North Carolina divorce may include:

  • Cars
  • The family home
  • Businesses
  • Stocks and mutual funds
  • Savings accounts
  • Personal property
  • Real estate

Debts that must be split through property division may involve mortgages, medical bills, and credit cards.

In a court hearing, the judge will consider various factors to determine how property will be divided, like each party’s earning power, the presence of children, and the length of the marriage. You can count on King Law’s divorce lawyers to help you navigate this emotionally exhausting process, using years of knowledge and skill to walk you through each step.

Compassionate Legal Help for High Conflict Divorces in North Carolina 

Going through a divorce is never easy and becomes incredibly overwhelming when it involves aggressive and contentious behavior. Do not make the mistake of attempting to handle your high conflict divorce without experienced legal assistance. At King Law, we know that divorce is a complicated and emotionally charged process. In addition to negotiating legal details over equitable division, child custody, child support, and alimony, you must withstand intense emotions that frequently arise to work out a successful outcome for your family dynamic.

King Law’s high conflict divorce lawyers have helped families throughout North Carolina find the most effective and constructive ways to reduce the level of conflict in many contentious divorce cases. We work closely with clients across North Carolina, swiftly responding to their needs and questions and making ourselves readily available. We are here for you during this difficult time, serving as your legal guide to facilitate a successful outcome. To set up a consultation with a North Carolina high conflict divorce lawyer, complete a contact form or call 888-748-KING (5464).