North Carolina Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

When most people picture a divorce, they think of couples battling it out in a courtroom. Although the traditional divorce process does look more like this, it does not have to be this way. If two spouses are willing to work toward a mutually beneficial agreement, they have the option to file for a collaborative divorce.

If you and your spouse are interested in an alternative to the conventional divorce approach, the King Law family law and divorce lawyers can help. Our team of attorneys is experienced in collaborative divorce and can work with you to reach a satisfactory outcome for both parties.

Understanding the Basics of a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Law helps resolve divorce or separation without going to court. Experienced attorneys are familiar with collaborative divorce law and procedures in the state of North Carolina. Collaborative divorce can be a great way to help you achieve desired results. The collaborative divorce process allows you to avoid court proceedings and negotiate the terms of your separation with an experienced lawyer. Each spouse can have their divorce lawyer or teams of lawyers and clients who work together to resolve significant divorce issues.

It is crucial to meet with your joint divorce lawyer from North Carolina at the beginning of the collaborative divorce process to discuss your case.

The Collaborative Divorce Process in North Carolina

You select a lawyer who is committed to the dispute resolution process. You and your spouse will be represented by an experienced joint divorce lawyer who will try to resolve the terms of your split in good faith with the help of certain specialists.

The process of a joint divorce is not very different from a conventional divorce. However, there are significant differences between spouses who commit to an agreement and are happy to go to court. When divorces are agreed upon and enforced, studies show that community arrangements achieved through other forms of negotiation can reduce the emotional trauma experienced by families, especially for children. Collaborative settlements can also reduce costs for couples and help families protect themselves from unnecessary financial and resource depletion when they need to start two separate households.

The Benefits of Working Through a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is one way to avoid the litigation that comes with a divorce by cooperating on parental involvement issues and children’s needs. This approach helps to deal with financial matters in ways that the party could not achieve during their marriage. Spouses receive support by working with a lawyer who focuses on supporting the joint resolution process and helps avoid preparing for a hostile battle. Here are a few of the benefits of a collaborative divorce.

  • More Civil
  • More Flexibility
  • Room For Negotiation

A critical difference between the cooperative process and other alternative dispute resolution methods is that lawyers for both parties must withdraw from the process if it is successful. This motivates both parties of the divorce to make serious efforts to resolve their problems within the process and help them avoid the need to find and secure a new attorney.

Finding North Carolina Collaborative Divorce Lawyers that Work for You

Lawyers for both spouses agree that they will not represent their clients in a typical divorce if the spouses fail to reach an agreement during this process. If the spouses fail to achieve that agreement, the lawyers lose their ability to represent their clients. The spouses must then find a new divorce lawyer to continue pursuing their case.

When spouses draft their separation agreement, their lawyers submit it to the court to obtain the final divorce decree and effectively terminate the marriage.

The talented team of North Carolina divorce lawyers at King Law can help with your divorce and help you decide if collaborative divorce is the right path for you. If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce, the cooperative approach might be right for you to help you reduce costs, keep your business private, and avoid the scorched-earth approach often seen in divorce proceedings. Call our offices today at (888) 748-5464 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation today.