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If you’ve been in a personal injury incident, you likely have a few questions. What is a personal injury claim? What are some of the more common potential causes of personal injury? How long is the statute of limitations in South Carolina? And which damages might you be able to collect?

We at King Law know you might be feeling overwhelmed or confused, but we’re here to help you feel more supported. If you’re looking for essential information related to your personal injury accident, we’re here to break down everything you may want to know.

What Is a Personal Injury?

Personal injury, in general, is a category of the law that focuses on accidents where an individual or set of people receive serious injuries. Commonly, the causes of a personal injury case might involve the following:

  • Car accident
  • Truck accident
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Dog bite
  • Bike accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Rideshare accident, including Uber and Lyft
  • eScooter accident
  • Wrongful death
  • Burn injury
  • Slip-and-fall

If you’ve experienced one of the more common causes of personal injury as well as suffered more serious bodily damage, you may be able to take legal action through a personal injury case.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, including the city of Greer, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is three years. This means, generally speaking, you have three years to file a claim or start a legal case. 

The three-year period generally begins on the date of the original accident, but there may be some details that may increase the statute of limitations for some cases. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to determine if the statute of limitations is extended in your specific case.

How Is Fault Calculated for a Personal Injury in Greer?

South Carolina follows a system of calculating fault in a case called modified comparative negligence. This is similar to comparative negligence, but there are some South Carolina-specific modifications. South Carolina’s modified comparative negligence means that if someone is considered less than 50% negligent in a personal injury case, they may be eligible to collect compensation for their damages.

The portion of damages someone may be required to pay is the total calculated monetary cost multiplied by the at-fault party’s percentage of fault. If party A is found 30% responsible for a car accident and party B is 70%, party B may need to pay up to 70% of party A’s damages. A similar rule also applies if more than two parties are involved in an accident. This means all parties may be able to collect some compensation for their damages in some circumstances.

What Should You Do After a Personal Injury Accident?

There are a few steps you may want to follow after a personal injury incident.

Get Medical Attention

You should seek medical attention after a personal injury accident, as this might be extremely helpful in treating existing injuries and preventing them from getting worse over time. Additionally, this may assist you in getting the compensation you rightfully deserve after your incident, since a paper trail of medical expenses helps ensure that you’re being fairly compensated for the medical aspect of your claim.

Collect Evidence

If you’re able to, you may want to try to collect evidence related to your accident. This evidence may include getting witness statements or footage from nearby traffic cameras or private businesses that might have captured the accident. If you’re worried about your ability to collect the compensation you need, this may help you build a strong case.

Contact a Greer Personal Injury Attorney

You might consider hiring a personal injury lawyer if you’re worried about your ability to get the compensation you deserve. But how might a Greer, South Carolina personal injury attorney be able to help you? Your lawyer might be able to help with the following aspects of your legal case:

  • Collect and analyze evidence: If you’re having difficulty collecting or analyzing evidence for your case, your Greer personal injury attorney may be able to assist you. This may be especially helpful for building a strong set of arguments for negotiations related to your case.
  • Build a case with legal knowledge: Your personal injury lawyer in Greer, South Carolina may be able to utilize their strong legal knowledge to navigate your case with ease.
  • Utilize negotiation skills: Much of a legal case revolves around negotiations, and attorneys are often noted for their negotiating abilities. This may be useful during negotiations in the settlement process and those taking place during trials, though personal injury cases rarely go to trial.
  • Collect maximum compensation: With the knowledge of a qualified personal injury attorney in Greer, you’re far more likely to increase the potential compensation you may be able to collect.

It is not suggested to defend yourself in a legal case, and it’s therefore strongly recommended to hire a lawyer if you wish to take legal action.

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