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When it comes to legal matters like divorce or guardianship, the future of you and your family will depend on a fair resolution in court or mediation. As a well-regarded family and divorce law firm servicing clients in Greer, South Carolina, we will fight for the positive outcome you and your loved ones deserve.

At King Law, we are heavily experienced in traversing some of the most emotionally challenging legal issues a person can go through. Legal matters involving marriage, children, finances, and interpersonal relationships necessitate the kind of compassion and knowledge that only an experienced family law attorney can provide.

Do I Need a Family Law Attorney for My Divorce?

When you think of a family lawyer, the first thing you’ll think of is divorce. While they are authorities in plenty of other areas, they are certainly unparalleled experts in divorce law. Divorce law is extremely complex. In South Carolina, divorces might be contested or uncontested. Even if a divorce is uncontested, there are plenty of unexpected intricacies that a layperson is simply unaware of. It’s important to speak with a family law and divorce attorney to understand the process and understand your rights.

Mediations and Divorce

Divorce can be a lengthy, arduous legal process in courtrooms. But that’s not the only way. Mediations, wherein the parties agree to meet and try to come to an agreement with the help of an independent “mediator,” can help you avoid a costly, years-long court battle. Not only can mediation provide a faster resolution, but it can also help you avoid the sometimes unpredictable nature of courts, including erratic rulings by judges and findings by juries.

Speaking to an expert family lawyer will help you get more information on this process and potential affordable mediation services only family lawyers can provide.

Litigation and Divorce

Of course, mediation is not for everyone. A mediation may fail if the parties don’t come to an agreement. Or the issues may be so contentious that the parties won’t even agree to sit down in a room together. As such, it may be necessary to go through divorce proceedings in the courtroom. Divorce proceedings occur in Family Courts. Family and divorce lawyers have substantial experience in these courts, with these specific judges, clerks, South Carolina jury pools, and the system overall. Their expertise is absolutely necessary to protect your interests throughout this challenging phase. Sometimes cases resolve quickly. Other times, it can last months or even years. You don’t want to spend that much time in courtrooms.

Family Law Attorneys Assist in Annulments and Separations

In South Carolina, couples may opt to pursue avenues other than divorce. Separations are often entered into ahead of the divorce. Separation does not just mean living apart. It’s a months-long process likely entered into with a separation agreement, an adaptable agreement that can cover a range of issues, including who lives where, custody, distribution of debts, real property, and personal property.

Separation agreements may have a significant bearing on future proceedings, and South Carolina law regarding separation is full of all the intricacies attendant to divorce. A family lawyer can help advise you on these intricacies and the separation process overall.

Annulments are another process where a couple splits up and ends the marriage. Well, not exactly—annulments, which are only granted under specific, limited circumstances, basically mean that the marriage was nullified from the very start like it never happened. A family lawyer can help advise you on this process and much, much more.

Types of Family Law Cases Our Firm Addresses

Family law is a vital area of law that affects thousands of families nationwide. Many people enter a marriage agreement with the best intentions, believing it will last for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, roughly half of marriages in the United States end in divorce.

The divorce process stands to uproot a family’s entire dynamic and can have a long-lasting impact on everyone involved.  It can be challenging to get through a divorce, whether settled outside of court, through mediation, or at trial. That is why King Law Offices provides an array of family law services designed to meet your needs, including:

  • Adoption
  • Alimony
  • Annulments
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Collaborative law
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Grandparent’s rights
  • Guardianship
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Equitable distribution/property distribution
  • Termination of parental rights

At King Law Offices, our family and divorce lawyers bring decades of experience and considerable financial expertise, along with strong negotiation skills, to the table. Although divorces involving large amounts of assets and high-profile clients can be complicated and come with their own set of challenges, our Marion divorce attorneys are dedicated to helping you identify and distribute all large assets fairly.

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Divorce law is complex, with innumerable statutes and constantly evolving case law. Other areas of family law are no different. At some point, you will likely need an experienced, compassionate Family Law and Divorce Lawyer. The attorneys at King Law are unparalleled in their service to their South Carolina clients, including residents of Greer, SC. Contact us today by calling (888) 748-KING or by filling out our online contact form.