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Family and divorce lawyers cover a lot of ground in the legal world. This area of law can include anything from an amicable divorce to a lengthy custody battle–and everything in between!
One issue that Old Fort, NC family, and divorce lawyers handle a lot is child custody cases.

The child custody laws of North Carolina are in place to give both parents the same rights to their children. A separation or divorce is hard enough on a child, and they do not deserve to be put in the middle of a custody battle. Laws help establish a routine and form new normalcy as soon as possible for a child facing such a drastic shift in their life.

King Law Offices are here to help parents outline visitation and shared responsibilities that come with divorce or separation. Parents are encouraged to have a child custody order put in place to ensure both parties understand and follow the needs and schedules of their child/children.

How a Family & Divorce Lawyer in Old Fort Can Help with a Custody Agreement

A custody order or agreement is not required, but both parents need to be aware that without a custody order, either parent can take the child at any time and not have to return them to the other parent. If this happens, the other parent will need to request a hearing and wait until the day of the hearing to let a judge rule on the matter.

Parents that remain amicable may not think a custody order needs to be put in place, but circumstances can change at any time. The agreement will make sure both sides keep their regular schedule and visitation. A routine is very important to a child, and not having a custody order may take that away.

A custody order put in effect in North Carolina protects the rights of the parent(s) and makes sure the child is not put in the middle of a long court battle. A lawyer can help parties draft a custody agreement that both people can agree to or present before the judge for review.

Family & Divorce Lawyer Help Unmarried Parents

Our hometown attorneys at King Law Offices have dealt with many cases over the years when two unmarried parents want to put a custody agreement in place to protect themselves as well as their children. If the father seeks out custody, the first thing they need to do is prove paternity. Once paternity is established, they can move forward with asking for rights under North Carolina law.

Based upon everything presented by both parents, the court will decide to give either joint or full custody. King Law Offices will be sure to present the strongest case to secure the best outcome for their client.

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