Cornelius Expungement Lawyer

Unfortunately, a criminal record can follow your entire life, depriving you of opportunities. Even one criminal charge on your record can negatively affect your reputation, housing options, employment opportunities, and other aspects of your life. With the help of a skilled Cornelius defense attorney, an offender can seal away their record by pursuing an expunction. This offers a chance to move past previous convictions and prevent them from further interfering with your life. However, expunctions in Cornelius can be complex and require the guidance of a dedicated expungement attorney at King Law.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys understand that mistakes happen and innocent people are accused of crimes daily. That’s why we are willing to work hard to have your criminal record expunged. Schedule a free consultation today to learn how our skilled Cornelius expungement lawyers can help you get a fresh start.

What Criminal Records Qualify for a Cornelius Expungement?

North Carolina expungement laws are regularly changing to allow more people to qualify for an expungement. Some of the charges and convictions that can be expunged from an individual’s record include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Non-violent felonies committed before the age of 18
  • Dismissed cases or not-guilty verdicts
  • Misdemeanors committed before the age of 18 years
  • Controlled substances and toxic vapor charged before the age of 22 years
  • Certain non-violent felony or misdemeanor offenses after 15 years
  • Charges due to identity theft of the petitioner

Unfortunately, the circumstances under which a petitioner can qualify for an expunction remain limited. A Cornelius criminal defense attorney can help you determine whether your prior charges or convictions qualify for expungement. Call us today to speak with our experienced attorneys about getting your charges or convictions removed from your record.

Limitations for an Expungement in Cornelius

There are many restrictions and requirements under each statute that may prevent a defendant from successfully obtaining an expungement. In some cases, the defendant may be required to wait for a specific amount of time to pass after a conviction to be eligible for expungement. Other limitations include the following:

  • The petitioner cannot be on parole or probation when filing a petition
  • The petitioner must not have any pending criminal charges
  • The defendant cannot have any warrants or criminal summons

Moreover, some crimes are ineligible for expunction in Cornelius. They include stalking or sex-related felonies, felonies involving elements of assault, and DWI charges. While an expungement seals away your record from public view, there are some rare cases in which these records may still be viewed.

For example, Cornelius and state law enforcement and prosecutors can access expunged records and use your prior criminal convictions to determine sentencing. Talk to a knowledgeable Cornelius expungement lawyer who understands the complex laws regarding expunctions. Our lawyers are ready to answer all your questions and advise you on the best course of action.

Benefits of Criminal Record Expungement in Cornelius, NC

Whether you have an arrest record or a serious criminal conviction, any criminal record can interfere with your life. These records show up during background checks creating a false impression of you because of one mistake. Therefore, expunging a criminal record can help open previously closed doors. Here are some benefits of having your criminal record expunged:

  • Securing employment: Unfortunately, employers have extensive access to job applicants’ backgrounds and may turn away those with even minor arrests. Expunging their records makes it possible for an individual with a criminal record to find and maintain long-term employment.
  • Securing financing: Bankers, lenders, and insurers will likely disapprove of various forms of funding to individuals with criminal records. They can also use your criminal history to inflate your interest rates. A successful expungement denies them access to your criminal record.
  • Finding housing: Home and rental property owners may refuse to sell or rent to applicants with a criminal record. Therefore, a Cornelius expungement increases your options for affordable and comfortable housing.
  • Education: Some educational institutions disqualify applicants based on their criminal record, especially if their conviction is deemed a safety risk. Therefore, an expunction can eliminate any red flag a criminal record may have when applying for admission to your desired school or university.

An expungement gives you peace of mind, knowing that your past mistake won’t hurt or burden you anymore. When a petitioner’s criminal records are destroyed, potential employers, landlords, and schools cannot see their prior offenses. Therefore, a successful expungement offers several benefits that allow you to seamlessly rebuild your life. Hiring a skilled attorney will improve your chances of a successful expungement.

How a Cornelius Expungement Lawyer Can Help

Expungement petitions can be complicated and require the skills and experience of a dedicated Cornelius expungement lawyer. Our attorneys are well-versed in the Cornelius expungement process and can help handle all the complexities of your claim. A lawyer can significantly reduce the time required to complete your petition by helping you:

  • Review your charges and check your eligibility
  • Gather all the supporting documents—including affidavits of good conduct and certified copies of court records—to support your claim
  • File the expungement petition
  • Answer any questions and handle all concerns that may rise
  • Reduce the time required to complete

Retaining representation may be in your best interest if you’re looking to start over with a clean slate. Lawyers at King Law will ensure that your expungement is filed correctly and proceeds as per the complex statutes. Contact our law firm as soon as possible to discuss your case with an experienced Cornelius expungement lawyer.

Consult a Cornelius Expungement Lawyer at King Law

After facing criminal charges or getting convicted, moving on with your life can be challenging. The criminal record will be a barrier, preventing you from making the most of your life. However, everyone makes mistakes from time to time—and everyone deserves a second chance. That’s why we are here to help you wipe your record clean when you need it most.

Experienced Cornelius expungement attorneys at King Law can help you restore your good name. We have years of experience guiding Cornelius offenders in expunging their records. We can help determine whether your case qualifies for expungement and help you navigate the expungement process. Call us at (888) 748-5464, or (888) 748-KING, or complete our contact form to start the expungement process today.