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Going through a divorce can be a taxing process. Determining how you will divide you and your partner’s assets can ignite stress, fear, and uncertainty. Without the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney, negotiations can get messy and complicated, and as a result, you may not get the outcome you were hoping for.

At King Law, we take a practical and flexible approach to the divorce process—always prioritizing our client’s needs and goals. Everyone’s experience with divorce is unique, which is why we take a personalized outlook on handling divorce proceedings. If you and your partner have no disputes over how to divide your assets, our team can advise you on how to efficiently dissolve your marriage. Alternatively, if you disagree with your partner on issues, such as child custody and property allocation, we can help you negotiate a settlement. Our approach is distinguished by our dedication to listening and communicating with our clients. We are committed to always treating our clients with the respect they deserve.

If you are considering divorce in Black Mountain, NC, our highly skilled team of family and divorce lawyers is here to help you secure the outcome you are looking for. Here is some important information to know about divorce in North Carolina.

Contested Divorce Cases in Black Mountain, NC

In a divorce, it’s common for spouses to disagree on how certain things should be allocated and divided. Legally, this is referred to as a contested divorce case. Usually, it is in your best interest to reach an agreement on matters, such as child custody, alimony, and property division, through negotiations instead of in court. Settling these matters in court should be a last resort. At King Law, we have a proven track record of helping couples resolve their issues without going to court. Our skilled negotiators and experienced mediators can help you and your spouse compromise without the frustrations and cost of going to court.

Uncontested Divorce Cases in Black Mountain, NC

In some scenarios, both partners feel the same about their divorce. Legally, these divorces are referred to as uncontested cases. Even if you and your spouse are on the same page about how to divide your assets, it’s still important to work with a lawyer who has a deep understanding of North Carolina divorce laws and procedures. At King Law, our attorneys will examine the terms you and your spouse decided upon to ensure you are entering a fair settlement. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you agreed to certain terms that will only hurt you in the future.

North Carolina Is a No-Fault Divorce State

North Carolina is a no-fault divorce state. This means that misconduct in a marriage is not grounds for divorce. However, while marital misconduct is not grounds for a divorce, it can impact several actions in the divorce process, such as alimony and child custody.

In divorce cases, the partner with a higher income is referred to as the “supporting spouse” while the partner with lower income is referred to as the “dependent spouse.” Marital misconduct can impact post-separation alimony and support between dependent and supporting partners in the following scenarios:

  • The supporting spouse engaged in marital misconduct. In this situation, the dependent spouse usually receives post-separation alimony and support.
  • Dependent spouse engaged in marital misconduct. In these scenarios, it is usually harder for the dependent spouse to secure post-separation alimony or support.
  • Both partners engaged in marital misconduct. When both partners are found to have engaged in marital misconduct, other factors are taken into consideration in determining alimony and support.

This is a general overlook of how marital misconduct applies to the divorce process. However, every case is unique, and there are some exceptions. If marital misconduct was at play in your marriage, it’s essential to seek guidance from a skilled divorce lawyer.

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