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Lauren Speares

Lauren Speares

Client Relationship Specialist

(828) 286-3332

Lauren Speares

Lauren Speares serves as the Relationship Specialist at King Law Offices in Forest City, NC. As the primary point of contact for clients, she collaborates closely with the legal team to ensure clients’ needs are met effectively.

Lauren embarked on her career path at King Law Offices as a Client Services Representative, bringing with her years of valuable experience. With aspirations to further develop within King Law and continue contributing to the community, Lauren finds fulfillment in her role, driven by her passion for assisting those in need and connecting with diverse individuals.

Originally from Charlotte, NC, Lauren now finds contentment in residing in Forest City, NC. During her leisure hours, she cherishes moments with her family, dedicates time to teaching her Sunday School class for Kindergarteners, and indulges in binge-watching her favorite movies.