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Hollie Justice

Hollie Justice

Marketing Manager

(828) 286-3332

Female Placement

Hollie Justice is the Marketing Manager at King Law Offices. She works from the firm’s Forest City, North Carolina office. With a passion for creativity and connecting with others, Hollie takes charge of developing compelling content and managing the firm’s social media accounts, website, and monthly newsletters. Her primary focus is on implementing effective strategies and organizing impactful marketing campaigns to increase awareness of King Law and its comprehensive range of services.

Currently pursuing a dual B.S.B.A in Marketing and Business Administration and Law at Western Carolina University, Hollie is on track to graduate in December 2023. Her academic pursuits provide her with a solid foundation in both marketing principles and business law knowledge, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to her role.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Hollie resides in Marion, North Carolina, with her child Calli and two beloved dogs, Boomer and Charlie. During her free time, she enjoys indulging in her culinary interests, catching up on her favorite TV shows, embarking on fishing adventures, and cherishing quality moments with her family. Working in marketing allows Hollie to express her creativity while forging connections with diverse individuals, making it a fulfilling and rewarding career choice.