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  • Legal Status: Marijuana remains illegal in North Carolina, encompassing recreational, medical use, and activities like possession, sale, or cultivation, despite shifting national attitudes and legalization in some states.
  • Criminal Charges: Charges for marijuana-related offenses in North Carolina range from misdemeanors for small amounts to felonies for larger quantities or intent to sell, with penalties including fines and potential imprisonment.
  • Legal Variations: While some states have legalized marijuana to varying extents, North Carolina has consistently rejected bills proposing its legalization, keeping strict prohibitions in place against its use and distribution.
  • Legal Defense: If facing marijuana-related charges, contacting an attorney for experienced legal defense is crucial. At King Law, we have over 305 years of combined experience and will focus on fair treatment and developing strong defense strategies for our clients.
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Marijuana laws can be difficult to navigate when some states have legalized the substance and others have not. While some people partake in the recreational use of weed where it has been legalized, others may use the drug as a legitimate medical treatment for conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, or Crohn’s Disease. North Carolina has not legalized marijuana; therefore, a person can face charges for the use (recreational or medical), possession, sale, or cultivation of marijuana. Depending on the amount of weed involved, the criminal charges associated with marijuana range from misdemeanors to felonies in North Carolina.

If you have been charged with possessing, selling, or growing weed, you should not hesitate to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney with King Law. Our team understands that criminal defendants deserve fair treatment and the opportunity to present their cases. One of our skilled Boone marijuana charges lawyers will help you defend yourself and identify any defenses that can strengthen your side of the case. To begin building your defense case, call (888) 748-5464 or (888) 748-KING, you may also fill out our contact form to reach out today.

Is Marijuana Legal in North Carolina?

Marijuana is illegal in North Carolina, including both the medical use and recreational use of the substance. Because of the criminalization of weed, it is illegal to possess, sell, or grow weed in North Carolina. Other states have legalized weed for medical use, recreational use, or both. In fact, the country has seen a shift in the general opinion of weed. Many people today believe that medical marijuana should be legalized, and more and more people are vying for the legalization of recreational marijuana as well.

Despite the shifting public opinion of weed, North Carolina has not enacted any laws legalizing marijuana. In the past few years, the North Carolina Senate and House of Representatives have seen bills regarding the legalization of weed, but no bills have been passed. Such bills proposed ways to regulate the use of marijuana in the state. For example, one bill discussed which illnesses and diseases would be eligible for medical marijuana, and another bill discussed placing a tax on the sale of marijuana in the state. Currently, no bills have been passed into laws, and marijuana remains illegal in North Carolina.

Marijuana Charges in North Carolina

North Carolina continues to criminalize marijuana, and the charges can vary. A person could face the following charges for possession of marijuana in North Carolina:

  • Class 3 Misdemeanor: When a person is found in possession of 0.5 oz. or less of marijuana, he or she faces a fine of up to $200 and no imprisonment.
  • Class 1 Misdemeanor: When a person is found in possession of 0.5 oz. to 1.5 oz. of marijuana, he or she faces up to 45 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000 that is discretionary and for first-time offenses.
  • Class 1 Felony: When a person is found in possession of 1.5 oz. to 10 lb. of marijuana, he or she faces three to eight months in jail and a fine that is discretionary and for first-time offenses.

In addition to the above charges, a person could also be charged with felony possession with intent to sell marijuana or even felony drug trafficking of weed in instances involving more than 10 lb. of marijuana. Finally, a person faces felony charges of varying severity for selling, distributing, and growing marijuana in North Carolina. The felony charges related to marijuana sale, distribution, and cultivation carry imprisonment sentences of various lengths and possible lofty fines.

A person facing criminal charges related to marijuana should take such charges seriously. The criminal defendant’s future depends on the outcome of the case. Not only do criminal convictions remain on a person’s record, but the person may have to spend many months in jail following a conviction. This is why people facing criminal charges related to marijuana should consult with a skilled and experienced legal team. The Boone marijuana charges lawyers with King Law know how to defend against marijuana charges, and they understand the importance of protecting the rights of criminal defendants during the legal process.

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Although some states have legalized marijuana, North Carolina continues to criminalize the use, sale, distribution, and growth of weed. The criminal charges range from misdemeanors to felonies, and each charge carries its own jail sentence and possible fine. If you have received criminal charges related to marijuana, you need a strong legal defense. The skilled criminal defense attorneys with King Law are prepared to investigate your case, identify any relevant legal defenses, and advocate strongly for you. Criminal charges do not automatically mean that you will be convicted. With the right legal representation and defense strategies, you may be able to have your charges lessened or dropped altogether.

King Law has a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys who are ready to fight for you. If you have been charged with marijuana possession, sale, distribution, or cultivation, you should not hesitate to contact a member of our skilled legal team today. To reach us, please call (888) 748-5464 or (888) 748-KING. You can also fill out our contact form.

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