Paying Your County Taxes

Have you received your County tax bill in the mail yet?  If not, it’s surely on its way. Ad Valorem taxes become due on September 1st of each year and are past due if not paid by the following January 5th. Most tax departments mail tax bills in August of each year.  If you own (more…)

Easement by Necessity

Generally, a landowner does not have a right of way, access to air, light, and view over adjoining property in the absence of an easement.  An easement is a form of right created in favor of the holder of an easement to make some use of the adjoining property.  An easement to access, light and (more…)

Municipal Law

Municipal law can be coarsely defined as that law that deals with cities and towns. It is often a complex area of the law that require a firm understanding not only of the law, but also the rules and procedures that can be associated with governing bodies.