Police: United States v. Rodriguez and theDog Sniff Search

Getting pulled over by the police is never a fun situation. Regardless of the circumstances, it may feel like you’re in a completely helpless situation. It turns out that you may have more protection than you realize. In April of 2015, the United States Supreme Court delivered its decision in US v. Rodriguez. This case (more…)

You are Going to Want a Lawyer Before Your Criminal Trial

When a person is arrested and charged with a crime, that process usually comes about suddenly. Shortly after arrest, a defendant appears before a magistrate and bail is determined. The amount for bail is important for defendants because that amount is either something they can pay or something they cannot. Bail is the way the (more…)

What is the Equal Protection Guarantee?

The 14th Amendment to the Federal Constitution provides, among other things, a guarantee of equal protection under the laws.  Few clauses within American jurisprudence are more well known, but few citizens actually understand the general nature of the equal protection guarantee.  To understand the nature and scope of the guarantee, one must first go back (more…)

How to Invoke the 4th Amendment: Understanding Searches

For a criminal suspect to invoke the 4th Amendment to the Federal Constitution and enjoy its protection, he or she must first satisfy several prerequisites.  Imagine that your next door neighbor breaks into your home, goes through your safe, finds drugs, and turns those drugs over to the local police.  It may seem as if (more…)

When Does a Seizure Occur?

We have all seen this scenario play out on TV: the cops approach a suspect, the suspect immediately begins to flee, and, as he flees, he throws down drugs or a weapon.  Undoubtedly, the cops giving chase will find the drugs and attempt to introduce that evidence at trial.  Let’s imagine that the cops in (more…)

Sports Gambling in North Carolina

Gambling and sports are often thought to go hand in hand.  If you have ever been on a golf course, you know that betting happens about as frequently as a local amateur hits errant shots.  However, what you may not know is that sports betting was made illegal, on a federal level, in 1992 with (more…)

The Right to Remain Silent

You have heard it on television and movies, but, for the most part, the right to remain silent is not something that is invoked frequently in daily life.  Even when questioned by police, most tend to go by the “I have nothing to hide” mantra.  In criminal court, this is often the most dangerous way (more…)

Do You Know What Is Not Uncommon? An Aiding and Abetting Charge

Here at the King Law Offices, we routinely come across aiding and abetting charges.  Many people who come through the criminal justice system get frustrated.  Often they end up in severe legal trouble, as a result, of what they perceive, as a minor infraction or lapse of judgment. Such actions can result in an aiding (more…)

What Happens When Your License is Suspended

A driver’s license suspension can disrupt your entire life. You may have trouble getting to work, picking up your children, and completing errands. You suddenly realize that you’ve taken the privilege of driving for granted, and you want to make sure you get your license back as quickly as possible and keep it for good. (more…)

New North Carolina Expunction Law

Recently, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed Senate Bill 445 into law. This law has a major impact on those who have past criminal records in North Carolina. An expungement is a process that one can go through in order to get certain past criminal charges and/or convictions off their criminal record. There are very (more…)