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Jennifer Shephard

Senior Associate

Primary Practice Area: Family Law

(980) 389-0030


Jennifer Shephard is a Senior Associate with King Law Offices. Jennifer works in the firm’s Lincoln County office in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Jennifer focuses her practice on Family Law. She is licensed to practice in North Carolina and New York and is admitted to the United States District Court for the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York.  Jennifer is also a Certified Family Financial Mediator and trained in Collaborative Law.

After graduating from Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center at Touro College in 2003, Jennifer practiced law in New York for over 14 years, 12 of which concentrated in Family Law. Jennifer moved to North Carolina in January 2018 in search of a better quality of life for her family. While practicing family law in North Carolina, she has represented clients with issues involving divorce and/or separation, domestic partnerships, custody, support, domestic violence, paternity, and many other family situations.

She understands that too often family law clients are faced with a variety of emotional situations. The collaborative law process empowers parties to achieve practical solutions to complicated problems.  It recognizes that emotional issues exist that cannot be addressed by the legal system.  Often divorcing parties spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to argue about pets or furniture that has little to no monetary value. The parties in such cases are not arguing about dogs, cats or furniture.  Instead, they are reacting to psychological pains that they are experiencing.  These emotional issues are ignored in the court process.  The collaborative law process is built upon open and transparent disclosure and sharing of information with participants, face to face honest discussion and negotiation and preservation of relationships between the parties.  Rather than being combatants in an adversarial proves, participants in the collaborative process are a “Collaborative Team” that works together to reach a common goal. Ultimately, her goal is to be a calm, helpful, and supportive advocate for her clients whether as part of the Collaborative Team or litigating in a courtroom.

Jennifer resides in the Lake Norman area with her husband and 2 children.  Jennifer is an animal lover and has 2 dogs, 3 cats, a guinea pig and a bearded dragon.  When not at work Jennifer can often be found cheering one of her kids on at a lacrosse, baseball or soccer game. She also enjoys horseback riding or finding a quiet moment to enjoy some much needed “me” time.