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Dayton Carter

Associate Attorney

Primary Practice Area: Family Law

(828) 558-4652

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Dayton Carter is an associate attorney at King Law Offices. His primary office is Waynesville, North Carolina. Dayton’s practice areas include family law and criminal law.

Dayton received his B.A. in communications and A.S. in biology from the University of North Georgia. Dayton received his J.D. from Mercer University School of Law. While in college, Dayton became vice-president of his debate team, competing in national tournaments. Dayton has also worked in the civil law area for one year before joining King Law, and in criminal law at the Enotah District Attorney’s Office for two years while in law school.

Dayton was born and graduated high school in Douglas, Georgia, a small town in South Georgia. Dayton likes to spend his free time with family, friends, and in the great outdoors.