Technology Specialist, Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright

Practice Technologist (828)894-0545

Stephen Wright serves as the Practice Technologist with King Law and primarily works out of the Columbus office, although his technology responsibilities take him to all the King Law offices throughout western NC and upstate SC. His role with King Law is to optimize existing technology resources and facilities while focusing on infrastructure, with the future growth of the firm in mind.

Stephen, born and raised outside of Atlanta, GA, traces his family roots back to Rutherford County where his family originally settled back in the late 1700’s.  He graduated from East Carolina University with a BA in English and a minor in History.

Stephen Wright has worked extensively in the public transportation field where he did everything from driving transit buses to Executive Director of the Goldsboro/Wayne Transportation Authority, as well as serving on the board of directors, Treasurer and President of the North Carolina Public Transportation Association. Stephen spent many years working to improve efficiencies within public transportation using technology, and this led him to RouteMatch Software where he was a Senior Implementation Consultant responsible for implementing schedule and dispatching software within transit systems throughout the United States.

An avid outdoorsman, Stephen enjoys hunting, sailing, camping, drone photography and hunting some more. He currently lives in Rutherfordton, NC with his wife of 22 years Alice, their 13-year-old daughter Taylor, and their two dogs, Milo and Molly.