Failure to Appear

If you fail to appear in court when scheduled to do so, you may face additional criminal charges. There are many innocent reasons why you may have missed a court date. You may have been sick and unable to make it, or perhaps an emergency situation arose. You may have been confused as to the actual court date. It’s also possible you didn’t even know about the court date.

So you missed your court date. Now what? The answer depends on the severity of the offense but you will likely have a warrant for your arrest issued for failure to appear. You will probably be caught and arrested. However, with the right legal counsel, you may be able to reduce or even eliminate some of the consequences associated with a failure to appear charge.

Fortunately, in many cases an attorney can help you remedy the situation. For both criminal and infraction offenses, if you fail have the case placed back on a court docket within 20 days, the State will impose a $200 Failure to Appear (FTA) penalty. In the past, attorneys were able to convince judges to waive these fines, but recently judges have stopped granting relief for the FTA penalties. So if you miss your court date on a traffic offense, do not delay in contacting a criminal attorney because the FTA fee may be avoidable if handled promptly and within 20 days.

If you have already been arrested for failure to appear, things become more complicated, but an attorney may still be able to explain to the judge that you did not intentionally avoid the court date and request that the FTA be waived and hopefully keep you from racking up more charges.

King Law is a firm prepared to move forward with any case involving a Failure to Appear charge and the underlying criminal charges. Our attorneys in both North Carolina and South Carolina are experienced in handling these matters. You can be assured you are getting cutting edge representation in every matter, and your criminal case will be given top priority.