Social Security Disability

A disability is defined as any condition, or combination of conditions, which is serious enough to keep someone out of work for at least 12 months or is expected to result in death.

Navigating social security disability is an arduous process. From filling out the application to getting a denial letter, time passes as unpaid bills pile up. Did you know it could take a year or more before your social security disability is decided? Do you get the run-around or long delays without any answers? Have you been denied your initial application? Let the South Carolina and North Carolina social security disability lawyers with King Law Offices carry the burden of dealing with the government and arguing for the benefits you are entitled to.

Denied Benefits?

Just because your claim is denied does not mean you are not entitled to disability. Unfortunately, being denied happens like clock-work. After being denied, our South Carolina and North Carolina social security disability lawyers will walk you through the process, review your case, determine why you have been denied and begin the appeal process.  As we prepare the appeal, it will be necessary to organize your medical history and review your physician’s diagnoses before appearing before the administrative law judge.  Alternatively, we can appear before the Judge via video remote to help cut down on the expenses associated with travel.

Application Process

The Initial Application

  1. This step will involved an online application or phone conference with the Social Security Administration regarding your claim for disability.
  2. You must gather all of your medical records and undergo any independent medical exams necessary to complete your application.
  3. Once submitted, it could take four to six months to get a response. If you are initially denied, you will have sixty days to appeal.


This step requires a request for reconsideration and usually takes four to six months to get a response. If you are denied again, you can appeal to an Administrative Law Judge. This portion of the process can take anywhere from fifteen to eighteen months.  You will be asked questions about your symptoms, why you cannot do your previous work, why you cannot currently work etc.

If you win on appeal you will receive an award letter. If you lose, you will have to fill out a second, initial application.

If you lose and you have to appeal again, you will go before an Appeals Counsel. This part of the process usually takes three to six months.

If you lose at the Appeals Counsel stage you can appeal to Federal Court—likely an eighteen month process.  This process can be confusing and is usually very time consuming. It is best to have a South Carolina and North Carolina social security disability lawyer to guide you through this and ensure that everything gets submitted correctly.

Hiring a Disability Attorney To Assist in Claims

You need not worry that your whole disability recovery will go to pay attorney’s fees for your representation. We do not get paid until you win. Attorney’s fees are limited to a maximum of $6,000, or up to 25 percent of the benefits that are owed, which ever amount is less. This is done to insure that you get the greatest return to pay bills and resume living a normal life. Give us a call for your free consultation with a South Carolina and North Carolina social security disability lawyer and allow us to help you get the benefits you deserve.