Grandparent’s Rights

Grandparents in North Carolina may be granted visitation through an order for custody. In any action in which the custody of a minor child has been determined through proper court procedure, the grandparents of the child are entitled to such custody or visitation rights as the court, in its discretion, deems appropriate. Unfortunately, Grandparents in North Carolina normally cannot maintain an independent action for custody [NCGS 50-13.5(J)].

Being a grandparent is a very special time and the thought of not being able to see your grandchild or grandchildren is inconceivable. There are avenues in which visitation can be negotiated. It is important to document the relationship with your grandchildren. If you are being denied visitation with your grandchildren then the documentation will help the court determine if an award for visitation is appropriate. Visitation for grandparents is usually negotiated in the custody order of your grandchildren’s parents.

It is difficult for many grandparents to see their role as anything other than legitimate and even sanctified, parents rights do trump grandparents unless parents can be proven unfit. Personal negotiation and legal mediation, serve as tools that can be used to aid in this process. We here at King Crotts and Associates can help guide you through and find the best possible solution for your needs.