Perhaps the most devastating long-term problem of divorce is the tragic distribution of money. A couple, who has often already struggled to maintain a budget together, is now facing two households and expenses for the same (or less) amount of income as they had before.

North and South Carolina protect spouses who are dependent on the income of the other spouse through alimony. Both states have provisions to allow this money to begin even before the final trial of the entire case.

As an additional factor, this can force the supporting party to reimburse litigation expenses. Unfortunately, this system can be abused. Many times alimony is used as a tool of revenge and must be properly defended against.

Our firm has some of the most successful litigation in our area concerning support and alimony. Brian King is a family law specialist in North Carolina, having taught lawyers at Continuing Education classes across the state concerning these matters. All of our attorneys have worked on these type cases, with specific arguments tailored for your situation and court system.

If you are separated or thinking of separation, you need to understand this area of law. Our firm will guide you through these steps, and move you quickly to resolution in this time of great need.