There is little that we do at King Law Offices more rewarding than completing an adoption for our clients.

Adoption covers a wide range of ways to bring a person into a family. From step-parent adoptions, to international adoptions and even adult adoption, this is an area of law full of legal language and often bureaucratic puzzles.

As a family law specialist, Brian King has had experience with adoptions in North Carolina and between other states. Our firm has worked around the clock to bring children back here to the Carolina’s even when problems developed.

Often, there is a single mother giving birth, making the most difficult decision of her life on the one hand, and an excited, but nervous, couple on the other side waiting for papers to be signed. Remember, each state has a waiting period where that mother can change her mind concerning the adoption. Having the proper legal counsel during this time makes the difference between and successful or interrupted adoption.

You do not want to go to a law firm that does not understand the laws of adoption for a decision this important. We look forward in working with you on such a life-changing situation. Do not wait, begin the legal process even before you have found a child to prequalify for the adoption process.

I remember one case where we adopted a baby that was literally left on our client’s doorstep one morning. A young girl had went to a church one Sunday, and determined that our clients should adopt the child. Months later, she found their house and left the child with them. That child is now a big kid like any other, surrounded in love—I know because I recently ran into the mother bragging in Wal-Mart. Our clients are more than just a number, they are our friends and neighbors. – Brian King, Esq