I want to thank you for the good representation you provided for me. Yes, it was hard to swallow what I was accused of – it not being the truth – But again, thank you for leading me in the right way under the conditions of some of our crazy laws – as you are very familiar. I will be glad to give you a good referral. Thank you again,

– G.C.M., Forest City, NC

Possession of illegal and illicit substances and possession of drug paraphernalia are two of the most common charges and crimes in the counties in which we practice.  Larceny and other theft-related crimes are just as prevalent, and all too often, the charges are charged together for various reasons.

Involvement with drugs has a long list of problems, most of which you no doubt have heard throughout your life; however, one problem that most people don’t think about is the legal ramifications of a conviction of drug offenses.  Our attorneys have a great amount of experience in dealing with charges of crimes like these.

While understanding and working with you on these charges, we can also provide a host of options to help you with these charges on a more personal level, that can, and should, help you both personally and when you are in court.  Such things involve counseling, substance abuse assessments and classes, as well as outpatient and inpatient treatment.

First Time Offenders
Getting help can be a tough task.  The court system is flooded with repeat drug offenders, and recovery is much more than just taking care of a current criminal matter.  However, a lawyer can help you to manage your criminal issues and set you on the right path.  In North Carolina, certain drug offenders can be eligible for a conditional discharge or a deferral under certain statutes.  Under these programs, first time offenders that meet certain requirements are given the opportunity to have their charges dismissed if the terms and conditions of probation are met.  While these options are not available to everyone, a lawyer can help to determine the best way for you to handle your criminal charges.

We do not do the minimum necessary in any matter, and matters such as these can have lifelong implications on your record with regards to your family life, social life, and work life.

At King Law Offices, not only will our lawyers negotiate with the District Attorney in your area to get you the best result for your criminal charges, but we will go above and beyond to make sure you get the help you need.  Among the options we will help you with are counseling, substance abuse assessments and classes, and outpatient and inpatient treatment.  If you are struggling, please reach out to those that can help.  If you would like to speak further with our lawyers here at King Law Offices, please set up your consultation today.