King Law Attorneys Shelby Office Location
131 West Marion Street
Shelby, NC 28150
Cleveland County, North Carolina is home to King Law’s Shelby branch providing legal services for Family Law, Criminal Law and civil litigation.

King Law first came Cleveland County and Shelby, North Carolina in 2009 and located along Lafayette Street across from the Shelby Café. Since that time, the firm’s partners purchased and renovated the old Shelby Paint & Supply building located at 131 West Marion Street, Shelby, across from the Farmer’s Market Pavilion and beside the Charleston Place Mall. The office moved to its current location in 2014. 

Attorneys at the Shelby, North Carolina location practice in the areas of family law, estate planning, criminal law, civil litigation and provide legal services for other matters. Serving clients from Shelby, Lawndale, Casar, Polkville, Mooresboro, Grover and King Mountain, King Law casts a wide net when it comes to not just their client base, but their expertise in law as well.

Family Law in Shelby

As leaders in providing family law services for the residents of Cleveland County, the attorneys and staff at King Law Offices work hard to bring clients the stability and peace of mind they deserve. With experience in representing fathers, mothers, and children in a court of law, our Shelby team focuses on the facts of a case and achieving the best outcome for all parties involved. 

In a situation like separation, our Shelby divorce lawyers will consider every option to help the family through a smooth transition. From divorce and equitable distribution to child custody and child support to prenuptial agreements, the team at King Law Offices has the resources to produce an equitable solution. 

Criminal Defense Attorney in Shelby

When someone is accused of a crime, they should always make sure they hire experienced legal counsel to guide them through the criminal justice system. 

Without proper representation from a criminal defense attorney, a person risks losing their freedom, assets, employment, and reputation. The aggressive Shelby attorneys from King Law Offices will work hard to offer the best possible acquittal or sentencing options to all of their clients. 

Personal Injury Law

Don’t let the errors of another ruin your life. Fight for proper compensation by hiring a personal injury lawyer with King Law Offices. Our Shelby attorneys are experienced in a wide variety of circumstances and situations including auto accidents, slip and fall, dog bits and product liability cases. King Law’s legal team works to ensure every client have a voice in the court of law about their loss of health, wealth, and happiness as the result of an accident. 

In addition of the legal services described above, King Law offers a wide variety of other types of representation, including Estate Planning Law, Immigration Law, Business Law, and more. Contact us to learn how our Shelby attorneys can guide you through difficult legal situations.

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