Letter from Intern, Caleb Hill

Caleb was one of King Law’s summer interns and we’d like to share his story/experience in his own words.

To the Staff of King Law Firm,

I am beyond grateful once again for the opportunity for college financial assistance and an internship that was full of learning! I have learned so much and I now understand the value of a wonderful internship. Even though I did not spend a full week with the firm, I see my experience as a true success.

The staff members that I observed throughout the week provided me with an excellent learning experience. Attorneys John and Heather did a fantastic job guiding me through the legal process and what it means to work a day as an attorney. The front desk staff was most kind and friendly when I observed them as well. Mrs. Mullinax was most hospitable and kind when organizing last week’s internship. Also, I am very grateful for the legal knowledge that interns Paul and Jordan shared with me as well. The essay that I wrote for the scholarship was about improving the reputation of the legal field in our community. No doubt that you guys are doing a fantastic job and giving the lawyer profession a great image.

Even though I have no postsecondary legal education, the staff of King Law was patient with my ignorance and gave me a fantastic opportunity to learn. However, I owe my deepest gratitude to attorney Hughes. I did not learn the most when observing her simply because I spent the most time with her, but rather because Ivana took my internship as an opportunity to teach. She really took me under her wing and taught me above and beyond what I expected to learn this past week. The way she conducted herself in the court room as well as in the office shows the value of attorneys who are genuine and compassionate. I am most grateful for the kindness that attorney Hughes showed to me.

I would like to also personally thank attorney Brian King along with all others partners for giving back to the community. Your scholarship and internship has impacted my life and I hope that the firm continues to do the same for other high school graduates in the community. I encourage you all to move forward with the idea of hosting an event at a local high school. We are in need of someone to do just that here in Rutherford County. If there are any concerns or issues, I would be glad to help connect you guys with someone at R-S Central High School who can help. Once again, I appreciate the opportunity and cannot express sufficient gratitude.

Before last week, I had never been to court and what I knew about a lawyer’s job mostly came from the image that television presents. I was surprised after the first day of the internship; I did not experience what I expected. However, I now feel that I have a general overview of just what an attorney truly is. Once again, I am very thankful for both the opportunity; and, if l decide to go to law school and seek to become an attorney, I will certainly credit King Law for my inspiration. If I should decide not to pursue law school, I have seen enough to know that I have someone I can trust with my legal matters in the future.

With the Highest Regards and Gratitude,

Caleb Hill