How Homemade Wills Work and the Potential Problems

The whole family is cleaning out grandma’s old house, getting ready to put it on the market. Someone opens a desk drawer and finds a neatly written letter that’s signed by grandma. That letter is titled “My Last Legal Will and Testament.” Does it count? Can her handwritten will really stand up in court? Yes. (more…)

What to Expect if DSS Petition is Filed Against You (A Parent)

Getting notice that DSS is taking your children because there are allegations of abuse, neglect or dependency can be very scary as a parent, and so can the confusing and long process of getting your children back from the department. My goal is to help you understand the process and what to expect at each (more…)

Medical Liens in Personal Injury Cases

When a medical provider has provided services related to injuries at issue in a personal injury claim, N.C. Gen. Stat. § 44-49 provides the medical provider the right to assert a lien on any recovery.  That is, the medical provider may require that some money from the settlement funds be paid to the medical provider (more…)

Estate Planning & The Documents You’ll Need

King Law releases next video in series. Listen as Attorney John Crotts talks about Estate Planning and the documents everyone should have.  

What to Bring to My First Meeting with an Attorney

Going to an Attorney’s Office for the first time may be intimidating. It does not have to be if you have a general idea of what the experience will consist of. The first question to ask yourself is “why am I going to see an attorney?” Is it for a criminal charge/citation or a civil (more…)

When Can a Child Testify in a Child Custody Case?

Custody matters can be extremely difficult, time consuming, and expensive. The ultimate determination for the court is what is in the best interests of the child. Clients often want the court to hear what their child has to say about the family situation but there are some important points to be made on this topic. (more…)

Prenuptial Agreements

In North Carolina, prenuptial agreements are governed by the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, which can be found in Chapter 52B of the North Carolina General Statues. The basic requirements are that the agreement must be in writing and signed by the engaged couple. This document will become a legally binding contract between the couple, upon (more…)

NC LGBT Custody and Adoption Laws

North Carolina is still a state that does not recognize same-sex marriage. However, the court of appeals of North Carolina has worked to protect everyone’s rights when it comes to children. The law governing adoption in North Carolina is purely statutory in nature and can be found in Chapter 48 of the North Carolina General (more…)