Marital Misconduct in North Carolina

There is a common misconception among separated individuals when it comes to marital infidelity.  Many people believe that if they can prove the other spouse had an affair, they can take all the property, get custody of the children, get tons of child support, and get a boatload of alimony forever.  However, this simply is (more…)

Are you getting divorced in South Carolina?

A divorce in South Carolina is the process through which married persons seek a ruling by the Family Court to dissolve their marriage. The result of a South Carolina divorce is that the parties are no longer married but the law recognizes that they were at one time married (as opposed to an annulment where (more…)

Separation and Divorce

A separation or divorce is one of the toughest decisions you will make whether you have children or not. Once you decide to do so, your next decision is to find the right family law attorney. In most separations and divorces, understanding your legal rights and the potential legal fees are the next reality. It (more…)

Adoptions With An Uknown Parent

Adoptions are already a paperwork intensive process in North Carolina.  There are several different entities that have their hand in the process to make sure the best interests of the child are being served by the proposed adoption.  In some circumstances, the petitioner may not be able to locate or even know the identity of (more…)

Can I get an annulment of my South Carolina marriage?

An annulment in South Carolina is the process through which a married person seeks a ruling by the Family Court that their marriage is invalid.  The result of a South Carolina annulment is that in the eyes of the law the parties were never married.  Many people inquire about an annulment because it can be (more…)

Termination of Parental Rights

A few times a month I get questions from people about terminating their parental rights.  Sometimes it is from someone who does not want to pay child support any more, and other times it is from someone who does not want the other to be associated with the child for some specific reason.  At a (more…)

Shacking Up, or Common Law Married?

So you and your boyfriend/girlfriend have decided to move in together in South Carolina but not get married? Be careful, because in South Carolina you could be deemed to be common law married. There are many misconceptions about common law marriage in South Carolina. It is very important that you know how common law marriage (more…)

Things to Consider When You Are Facing Divorce

Despite it’s prevalence in our society, divorce is something not to be taken lightly. There are numerous legal and other consequences that come with the decision to divorce. If you are facing or thinking about divorce there are many things that should be considered but below is a list of 5 actions to seriously contemplate.

Wills & Divorce

$99 Simple Will Online Click here to complete a simple will online. A simple will may be right for you if you plan to leave your assets to one person, or divide your assets equally among your children. Click here to find out more. When it comes to wills and estate planning, I’ve seen a lot (more…)

Preparing for Child Custody Trials

Clients rely on their lawyers for many things beyond traditional legal advice and representation. On top of the skills needed to engage the court and opposing counsel, lawyers must understand — and more importantly, prepare their clients for litigation. Child Custody is perhaps one of the most emotionally charged issues in domestic law. Most cases (more…)