Do You Know Where Your Will Is?

In the legal world, photocopies and digital copies are very common and generally accepted as “legal” for most purposes.  However, in some circumstances the original is required.  An individual’s last will and testament is one such circumstance.  Upon death of an individual, in order to probate a will, the original document must be presented to (more…)

Reviewing Your Estate Plan for 2013

There are few guarantees in life, but as most people know, death and taxes are a few of these guarantees. Estate Planning is the tool used to transfer assets from one generation to another and avoid the estate tax in the process. Over the last decade, the estate tax has been a very fluid concept (more…)

Wills & Divorce

$99 Simple Will Online Click here to complete a simple will online. A simple will may be right for you if you plan to leave your assets to one person, or divide your assets equally among your children. Click here to find out more. When it comes to wills and estate planning, I’ve seen a lot (more…)

An Immeasurable New Year’s Resolution

It’s almost that dreaded time of the year for anyone. This is the year,” so the resolution goes, “that I vow to lose ten pounds and keep it off.” Most resolutions are so cumbersome; the maker of the resolution is unable to keep the resolution, which is self-defeating. An easy resolution for the New Year (more…)