How to do an Informal Estate Administration and Probate

The administration of an estate under the jurisdiction of the Clerk is generally required when the decedent owned personal property in the decedent’s sole name.  However, in some types of estate, a full administration may not be required.  In such cases, a small estate may be appropriate or no administration at all. Estate administration may (more…)

Safe Deposit Boxes in Estates

If you’ve ever been responsible for handling a loved one’s estate, you may have experienced the tedious procedures of getting into the safety deposit box.  If the decedent owned or rented a safe deposit box, it will be necessary to inventory the contents of the box. If the Personal Representative (i.e., Executor or Administrator) cannot (more…)

Preparing to Open an Estate

Have you lost a loved one and you’re facing the task of opening that person’s estate?  Whether you have been named an Executor in a will or you have searched and cannot find a will, there are several things you should do as you prepare for the administration or probate of your loved one’s estate. (more…)

Why Its Important To Name a Power of Attorney

You may have just recently prepared a will or a trust to plan how you want your personal and financial matters handled after your death, but just as equally important is naming a Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney (POA) is someone you appoint to make legal, financial, and health decisions on your behalf (more…)

What To Do If Your Loved One Passes Away and Has a Will

  If you have recently lost a loved one, the last thing you want to do is deal with their estate. At King Law Offices, we handle estate matters on a regular basis and would be glad to help you settle the estate for your loved one. When beginning an estate, the first step is (more…)

Can I Handwrite My Own Homemade Will?

As I speak to various groups and organizations about estate planning, I am periodically asked whether it is “legal” to simply handwrite a will.  The short answer to this question is yes, but there are several precautions one should keep in mind before doing so. NCGS Section 31-3.4 recognizes holographic wills and provides as follows: (more…)

What is “Capacity” to Sign Estate Planning Documents?

Estate planning documents can lead to all sorts of issues among those left behind. Occasionally, somebody isn’t happy with what they received according to the will or trust that the deceased created prior to their death. And some folks just want to cause issues with family members they don’t deem worthy of the assets they (more…)

How a vehicle is transferred upon death

When an individual dies, how that person had his or her vehicles titled will affect how difficult it is to transfer title of such vehicles.  Below are several ways to title a vehicle and a summary of the steps necessary to transfer title upon death. Oftentimes, a person will hold title to a vehicle individually.  (more…)

Financial Considerations when Creating Your Estate Plan

We spend so a lot of time worrying about our present and future finances. And no matter how much you contribute to your 401k, you feel guilty that you didn’t set enough aside. Your estate plan doesn’t need to add to that stress. An experienced attorney will have checklists and streamlined packages that will ensure (more…)

What South Carolina Residents Should Include In a Will

Dying is a reality for everyone but something that few want to think about. It is never easy on family and friends when a loved one passes away.  It is important to think about how your affairs will be handled when you pass away.  Planning for your death and the legal aspects that come along (more…)