How a vehicle is transferred upon death

When an individual dies, how that person had his or her vehicles titled will affect how difficult it is to transfer title of such vehicles.  Below are several ways to title a vehicle and a summary of the steps necessary to transfer title upon death. Oftentimes, a person will hold title to a vehicle individually.  (more…)

Financial Considerations when Creating Your Estate Plan

We spend so a lot of time worrying about our present and future finances. And no matter how much you contribute to your 401k, you feel guilty that you didn’t set enough aside. Your estate plan doesn’t need to add to that stress. An experienced attorney will have checklists and streamlined packages that will ensure (more…)

What South Carolina Residents Should Include In a Will

Dying is a reality for everyone but something that few want to think about. It is never easy on family and friends when a loved one passes away.  It is important to think about how your affairs will be handled when you pass away.  Planning for your death and the legal aspects that come along (more…)

Do you have a Digital Estate?

Do you have a Digital Estate?  Do you know what a Digital Estate is?  If you do know what a Digital Estate is or if you have one, how are you protecting and safeguarding those digital assets.  Are you taking the same care with your digital assets as you are with your real and personal (more…)

Why North Carolina’s Probate Process is Different

North Carolina is a special state. How many states boast two top tier college basketball teams, one of which has its own color? Plus, its probate process has a few quirks that keep it just as unique as its basketball heritage. The majority of America’s states handle things in a uniform manner. North Carolina doesn’t (more…)

Assets Being Squandered?

So you filed a caveat to a will that has not yet been admitted to probate?  I’m not sure you can do that but I could be wrong.  I just always assumed you must wait until someone at least filed the will with the court regardless of whether or not they applied to be personal (more…)

Probate in North Carolina

If you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one, chances are you’ll experience some form of probate or estate administration.  Sometimes this can be a vey straightforward process, but at other times it can be rather complex and time consuming.  It is helpful to understand some of the various types of probate in North Carolina. (more…)

Health Care Directives and Planning for the Future

Who will make your healthcare decisions when you are no longer able?  What plans do you need to make to ensure that your end of life transitions are peaceful and uninterrupted?  When is the right time to start thinking about these types of questions? NOW is the answer.  We are all growing older each day, (more…)

Protecting Your Power Of Attorney

May is Elder Law Month, and a great portion of our practice with the elderly is the execution of durable powers of attorney. For those of you who are unaware of what a durable power of attorney is, it is a document that allows you to create an agency relationship in someone else you trust (more…)

Do not be like Prince; make sure you have a Will

For those of us who lived through the 80’s or just enjoy that era of musical talent we truly lost a legend when Prince recently passed away.  As oftentimes the case may be, you learn a lot about a celebrity after their death.  I along with many others am stunned by the latest media coverage (more…)