NC – “Raise the Age” Bill

Prior to recent legislation, North Carolina was the only state, regardless of the severity of the crime, to charge 16 and 17-year-old juveniles as adults in the criminal justice system. This meant that, no matter what you did, if you were 16 and charged with a crime, you were treated as if you were an (more…)

Resist Public Officer

So you were charged with Resisting a Public Officer, now what? Resisting arrest or resisting a public officer is an often misunderstood charge that some people receive. It is frustrating to be in a situation where a police officer has made the decision to make an arrest.  The reason that this charge is so often (more…)

Juveniles In The Criminal Justice System

North Carolina is finally taking a step in the right direction in regards to their treatment of juveniles in the criminal justice system. The North Carolina General Assembly has  passed a law raising the age of majority in North Carolina from 16 to 18, which would prevent these individuals from being tried as adults in (more…)

Initial Appearance and Pretrial Release for Criminal Charge

If you or someone you care about has ever been accused of a crime, you know how helpful it is to familiarize yourself with the criminal justice system.  One of the most basic levels of this system involves the initial appearance and setting conditions of pretrial release. Initial appearances are governed by NCGS Section 15A-511.  (more…)

Theft of Cable TV Service in North Carolina

Under North Carolina General Statues §14-118.5(a), a person is guilty of Theft of Cable Television Service if he or she: (1) knowingly and willfully (2) attaches or maintains an electronic, mechanical, or other connection to, or removes, tampers with, modifies or alters (3) any cable, wire, decoder, converter, device or equipment (5) of a cable (more…)

My soon-to-be ex took charges out against me for Domestic Criminal Trespass, what is it?

There are many times when current spouses, former spouses, or even persons who lived with one another in a marriage-like relationship separate from one another. One spouse is asked or ordered to move out and the other remains in the marital home or on the premises the two occupied together. Often the spouses are separated (more…)

Helpful Hints When Dealing with a DUI/DWI

It happens more often than you’d think. Someone goes out for a couple drinks, feels fine and gets behind the wheel. Other times the person had one or two too many and made a mistake. Both situations can lead to the same charge of driving under the influence of alcohol. And it happens to a (more…)

Public Records Law in North Carolina

First, what is it? Improper Equipment (IE) is a non-moving violation and carries no insurance or DMV points in North Carolina, generally making it the best option for traffic matters, other than having the charges dismissed outright.  It is considered an infraction like a broken tail light. This means that instead of pleading “guilty” you (more…)

Navigating The Criminal Justice Process

Appearing as a defendant in criminal court can be a daunting experience for a person charged with a criminal offense.  Not only are you faced with a serious criminal charge, you are thrown into a criminal justice system that may be completely foreign to you. Your background and your particular circumstances surrounding your charge will (more…)

What is a Concealed Weapon?

Did you know you could be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor for carrying a concealed weapon or a Class I felony for a second offense for carrying a concealed weapon, even if the item is not a gun or knife? In North Carolina, a person may be charged with carrying a concealed weapon if (more…)