Transparency of Work at King Law- What Does the Attorney Do For You?

Have you ever wondered what a lawyer really does while working on your file? Have you ever received a bill showing how much you owed, but nothing explaining why you owe it? Here at King Law Offices, PLLC, we are very transparent. I love this about our law firm and I have never heard a (more…)

Three Legal Terms You Think You Know

PRAYER FOR JUDGMENT CONTINUED (PJC) – Many people walk into court thinking that they can handle their case on their own by simply asking the Judge for a “Prayer for Judgment.” However, people often fail to realize that you can only use one PJC every three years, per household. Meaning, if someone else in your (more…)

Frequently Asked Questions

We all at sometime or another will likely experience the need to contact an attorney. Many times the need comes during a difficult or trying time in our lives. Calling an attorney’s office should not be stressful or burdensome. To ease any concerns you may have, we are answering the top ten frequently asked questions (more…)