Business Fraud

Business fraud is a common occurrence in today’s society and something business owners should always be aware of. Contracts Restatement Section 162 outlines fraudulent misrepresentation in general. Simply put, business fraud occurs when a person intentionally misrepresents facts in order to induce another into a business agreement. One party asserts an untrue fact that is (more…)


The public policy of North Carolina isn’t going to allow a creditor to take the shirt off of your back. In today’s economy, I am seeing more and more people distraught not just over the inability to find or keep a job, but over the mounting bills. When there is no income coming in, people (more…)

Eminent Domain May Come into Play with New Inland Port in Greer

The new Inland Port in Greer is expected to bring an economic boom to the Upstate of South Carolina. However, in order to complete the project the State Port Authority, a government agency, must acquire some land that belongs to private persons or corporations. At least one landowner has not agreed to sell their land (more…)

Cartway Case Goes to Court of Appeals

One of the oldest ways for a landlocked property owner to gain access to his or her property is through something North Carolina defines as cartway. N.C. Gen. Stat. § 136-69 allows a landowner who has no reasonable access to his property to file a petition before the Clerk of Superior in order to seek (more…)