Immigration: Illegal Presence

With the quickly evolving legal landscape surrounding immigration law, those who are illegally present in the United States have found themselves surrounded by uncertainty and fear.  For those people, preventing and defending against deportation (or removal) is something for which you should immediately consider and be prepared. Every situation is truly unique.  Generally speaking, a (more…)

Can a homeowner’s association put a lien on my home?

Homeowner’s associations are designed to manage and maintain your neighborhood.  Usually the rules and regulations of the HOA are laid out in what is known as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).  The CC&Rs often contain methods for the HOA to collect fees and enforce the rules of your community. Based on the (more…)

Fair Labor Standards Final Rule: The Overtime Law Change

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) governs the federal minimum wage and overtime policies, as well as ensures fair working conditions for employees. Most employers are governed by the FLSA because of wide scope of the coverage requirements. First, their must be an employer-employee relationship, which is determined by a number of factors set out (more…)

Vehicle Inspection Time- What You Should Know and Do
Businesses and Foreign Workers – What Type of Visa Applies?

If you run a small to medium sized business in North Carolina and are interested in hiring foreign workers, you have many options to choose from and important decisions to make.  Generally speaking and with many exceptions, there are three common non-immigrant worker visas which allow you to hire foreign workers to help with your (more…)

Judgments In North Carolina

A judgment is a document issued by the court which states that money is owed by the person against whom the judgment is entered.  This order is public record, meaning that lenders and creditors can check court records for outstanding judgments before going into business with an individual. A few things to keep in mind (more…)

How to get a student visa in the United States

In order to study in the United States, any non-citizen must first obtain a visa. There are two types of visas that students can acquire in order to study here.  These visas are the F-1 visa or the M-1 visa. There are several requirements that you must have to gain access to one of these (more…)

Concealed Weapons Permit in South Carolina

Up until recently South Carolina was what can be considered a stand alone state with regards to the Concealed Carry requirements. This meant that if you, or a family member, had received a concealed carry permit elsewhere it was not valid within South Carolina. South Carolina was becoming an increasing oddity, as the number of (more…)

Amendments to Home Owner Association Declarations

More and more, residents who are a part of common-interest-developments come asking about their rights and remedies available to them when their homeowner’s association amends their declaration. Homeowner’s associations are organizations in a subdivision, planned community, or condominium that makes and enforces rules for the properties in its jurisdictions. The declaration is the legal document (more…)

Written Notice to Employer of Workers’ Comp Claim

In North Carolina, if you are injured at your place of work, you are very likely entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits from your employer. There are several things to know going into filing for your Workers’ Comp claim. First, if your employer has three or more employees, then they HAVE to have Workers’ Comp insurance. (more…)