King Law is a general practice law firm with multiple locations across both North Carolina and South Carolina. Our team works together to build trusted relationships with each client we serve and to achieve the best possible outcome for each case.

We are seeking attorneys who have recently passed the Bar. We are not a mill where we expect you to churn out briefs or review contracts all day. From day one, you will be taking consults, retaining clients, and working your cases all the way through trial. Our mission statement places a high emphasis on quality of life, and we seek to provide that to each and every employee in what is often a very highly demanding and high stress career.

Salaries are on a set scale with uncapped bonuses and profit-sharing based on fees collected. It is expected that you will run your own branch office at a new location after a period of time mentoring at one of our established locations. From there, you will have an immediate supervising-attorney as a mentor albeit not in the same building. We have a path to partnership for every attorney that we hire. Our firm is in a growth mode, and we are looking for competent individuals who are eager to learn the practical side of the law (post-law school), entrepreneurial, with a desire for a long-term, fulfilling career with a laid back law firm.

Please email a cover letter, resume, and any other documentation you feel is important, if any. Further, please include available start date, general location you desire to work, and long-term locations (counties) that would be preferred. If you are not from North Carolina, please detail how and why you ended up here. Non-traditional students with prior careers, background in the sales and service industry (restaurants, clothing, etc.), and family or personal small business backgrounds preferred.