What To Do If You Get A Traffic Citation In Another State

It happens, you are on vacation, or visiting family in another state, you might be unfamiliar with the area or you might be lost, and you weren’t paying close attention to the signs.  The police stop you for speeding, or making an illegal turn, and it ruins your vacation.

Nobody wants to get a traffic citation.  In this situation many people feel that the best thing to do is to just get it over with, after all, the officer probably told you that you could just pay the fine and never have to appear in court.  And many people do just that.  For a while everything is fine, but one day you open the mailbox and you have a letter from the North Carolina DMV telling you that your license is due to be suspended.


If you are like most people, being without a driver’s license for even 30 days would be a nightmare.  You don’t realize how much you need the ability to drive until you think about how often you drive.  We take our driving privileges for granted until they are threatened.

If you get that letter from the NC DMV telling you that your license is due to be suspended, don’t give up hope!  More can be done!  At King Law Offices we fight for you.  We understand how much you need to drive, and we go to bat for you in court and at the DMV.  In situations like this the DMV will allow a hearing where we can advocate for you and your driving privilege.  We can also petition the courts for a limited driving privilege.


If your driver’s license is at stake, call Patrick W. Keeley with King Law Offices, in our Hickory, North Carolina location for a free consultation.