How To Change Your Name As An Adult For A Reason Other Than Marriage, Divorce or Adoption

There are multiple reasons someone may want to change their name as an adult.  Some examples are a general desire to have a different name or gender change. The process for a name change becomes more lengthy when there is not a marriage, adoption, divorce or other legal proceeding ordering the name change. This is because there must be an Order by the court granting a petition for the name change.

The Process

In order to begin the process, there are several steps that you must take. First, you must get your fingerprints taken at the local Sheriff’s Department.  You will need at least two copies. Second, you will need to get criminal record checks from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Third, you will need to get a certified copy of your birth certificate and a bill that proves residency.

After you have completed all the initial steps, you will be required to post a Notice of Intent to File Name Change in your local county courthouse for ten (10) consecutive days. Once that is complete, you will file, along with the Notice of Intent, a Petition for Name Change, two affidavits of character, and affidavit of residency and outstanding tax or child support obligation with the Clerk’s Office at your local county courthouse. With those documents, you will need to bring a birth certificate (or certified copy), the SBI and FBI criminal record checks, proof of residency (bill), and an Order Granting the Name Change.

Once you have received the Order granting the name change, you present that to North Carolina Vital Records.  You will also submit your request to amend your birth certificate.  There will be a fee that must be paid for this service.  Changes to other documents, such as your social security card, passport, and driver’s license can be completed once you receive your new birth certificate with your amended name.

How King Law Can Assist You

This process can be lengthy and complicated.  Our attorneys are experienced in handling name changes for adults. Call our office for a free consult.  You may reach us at 888-748-5464 or visit our website at to chat with our client intake team and schedule a free consult.