Safe Deposit Boxes in Estates

If you’ve ever been responsible for handling a loved one’s estate, you may have experienced the tedious procedures of getting into the safety deposit box.  If the decedent owned or rented a safe deposit box, it will be necessary to inventory the contents of the box. If the Personal Representative (i.e., Executor or Administrator) cannot (more…)

Preparing to Open an Estate

Have you lost a loved one and you’re facing the task of opening that person’s estate?  Whether you have been named an Executor in a will or you have searched and cannot find a will, there are several things you should do as you prepare for the administration or probate of your loved one’s estate. (more…)

How the Courts Determine an Entrepreneur’s Child Support Payments

Every entrepreneur understands risk. There’s no guarantee that people are going to like the product as much as a startup owner thinks (and hopes) they will. And it’s possible that the market isn’t as large as originally predicted. But business owners have made their piece with unpredictability. The unknown that comes with risk is just (more…)

Theft of Cable TV Service in North Carolina

Under North Carolina General Statues §14-118.5(a), a person is guilty of Theft of Cable Television Service if he or she: (1) knowingly and willfully (2) attaches or maintains an electronic, mechanical, or other connection to, or removes, tampers with, modifies or alters (3) any cable, wire, decoder, converter, device or equipment (5) of a cable (more…)

Why Its Important To Name a Power of Attorney

You may have just recently prepared a will or a trust to plan how you want your personal and financial matters handled after your death, but just as equally important is naming a Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney (POA) is someone you appoint to make legal, financial, and health decisions on your behalf (more…)

Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting at the New Transylvania County Office

King Law recently held a ceremonial ribbon cutting at the new Transylvania County office located at 26 E. Main St, Ste #3, Brevard, NC.  Attorney Isabel Carson is now accepting new clients and offering complimentary telephone and in-office consultations.  For an appointment concerning family law, criminal law, civil litigation, estate planning or traffic matters, call (more…)

What Happens When Your Business is Sued

Business owners that haven’t been sued can get anxious at the mere mention of a lawsuit. Some even assume there are dramatic confrontations with somebody saying, “You’ve been served.” People that have been sued know it’s closer to being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, but without the intimacy of talking face to face with a (more…)

What to do if someone isn’t following a custody order

If you are faced with a situation where the other parent to your children is not following a custody order that has been entered by the Court, there is a way to bring the action back to court to help ensure that the custody order will be followed and the other parent will be punished (more…)

Disbursement of Personal Injury Award

While there are many important facets of a personal injury claim, the monetary award is likely one of the most important to you, the client.  The vast majority of personal injury claims result in settlement.  The question then becomes what happens with those settlement funds and what is the bottom line (that is, how much (more…)

How Homemade Wills Work and the Potential Problems

The whole family is cleaning out grandma’s old house, getting ready to put it on the market. Someone opens a desk drawer and finds a neatly written letter that’s signed by grandma. That letter is titled “My Last Legal Will and Testament.” Does it count? Can her handwritten will really stand up in court? Yes. (more…)