What to Expect if DSS Petition is Filed Against You (A Parent)

Getting notice that DSS is taking your children because there are allegations of abuse, neglect or dependency can be very scary as a parent, and so can the confusing and long process of getting your children back from the department. My goal is to help you understand the process and what to expect at each (more…)

Public Records Law in North Carolina

North Carolina’s public records law provides a broad right of access to records of public agencies.  Chapter 132 of the North Carolina General Statutes define the scope of North Carolina’s law.  Some basic concepts of the public records law are the following: The law applies to records made or received in connection with the transaction (more…)

Are you ready to change your name in McDowell County, North Carolina?

When having a baby, one of the most important early decisions is the name.  For many, it is a decision that was made long ago when carefully planning every detail of your future life, and, for others, it may be a last minute decision.  With online resources, you can find literally thousands of name possibilities (more…)


Where a personal injury claimant has medical insurance through a private ERISA health plan that is “self-funded”, and that insurance policy paid on medical expenses related to the injury, the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, 29 U.S.C. § 1001 et seq. applies.  In North Carolina, typical medical liens are paid out under (more…)

How to Evict Tenants in North Carolina

Are you a landlord that needs to evict tenants from your property? In North Carolina, the law protects tenants from being suddenly and immediately kicked out of a residence by their landlord. Landlords have specific procedures to follow and time limits to abide by. The first step that you, as a landlord, need to take (more…)

Talk to Your Attorney

If there is one person to bare all to, it is your attorney.  While we cannot and will not be a substitute for a therapist – part of our job is to counsel.  Your attorney cannot provide sound counsel if he or she is only getting part of the story.  All conversations you have with (more…)

Screenshot, Print, Record….Everything

When you visit your attorney’s office – whether it is your first consultation or a regular meeting to go over your matter – you want to be as prepared as possible.  Each moment you spend with your attorney should add to your case.  This applies to any area of law, but what I would like (more…)

It’s Not Easy Being Green In Charlotte, North Carolina

It’s not easy being green in Charlotte.  While Charlotte may be a progressive city, a recent change in city recycling requirements has made recycling more of a challenge for its residents. As of December 22, 2016, the city now requires that cardboard pieces be torn or cut in to smaller pieces. Specifically, residents must now (more…)

Doing Your Own Separation Agreement in North Carolina

Separation is truly one of the most difficult times for anyone to go through. It impacts so many aspects of a person’s life. Separation does not always mean courts and judges—in fact North Carolina makes it very easy to make an agreement on all of these matters. Simply having a drafted document, notarized and signed (more…)

Procedure in South Carolina Family Court

South Carolina Family Court is not like court you see on television.  In fact, in some key aspects, it’s not even like other real courts in South Carolina.   Of course any court in South Carolina will have a judge present and the rules of civil procedure and rules of evidence will apply. However, there are (more…)