Preparing for Child Custody Trials

Clients rely on their lawyers for many things beyond traditional legal advice and representation. On top of the skills needed to engage the court and opposing counsel, lawyers must understand — and more importantly, prepare their clients for litigation. Child Custody is perhaps one of the most emotionally charged issues in domestic law. Most cases (more…)

Will My North Carolina Traffic Ticket Affect My Insurance Rates?

Every once in a while, when a person tells me they have had a traffic ticket for speeding, they will tell me how embarrassed they are because of it.  My response is always the same – it’s a line I use in so many instances, I just adopt it to traffic tickets: “I wouldn’t want (more…)

Remembering to Put Children First During Divorce

It is a sad time for all when a marriage is being dissolved by divorce. There is hurt, fear, confusion, worry and more being felt by all parties involved – especially the children. Will BOTH of my parents still love me? Is my dad going to come get me this weekend? Will my mom remember (more…)

An Immeasurable New Year’s Resolution

It’s almost that dreaded time of the year for anyone. This is the year,” so the resolution goes, “that I vow to lose ten pounds and keep it off.” Most resolutions are so cumbersome; the maker of the resolution is unable to keep the resolution, which is self-defeating. An easy resolution for the New Year (more…)