Paying Your County Taxes

Have you received your County tax bill in the mail yet?  If not, it’s surely on its way. Ad Valorem taxes become due on September 1st of each year and are past due if not paid by the following January 5th.

Most tax departments mail tax bills in August of each year.  If you own a boat, motor, mobile home, land, house, building, business or untagged personal property you will be taxed by the county where the property is located.  You pay your county taxes on tagged vehicles when you purchase or renew your tag.

Many taxpayers believe they have to pay the full bill at one time.  This is not true; you may make as many payments as necessary, in any amount, up to the date of delinquency. Some online payment systems will not accept partial payments, but the county tax collector should accept installment payments in the office. Don’t wait to pay your taxes at the last minute.  In fact, you can contact your local tax office and make pre-payments throughout the year, even before your bill is released.

Many face the inability to pay their tax bill before the delinquency date.  Most tax offices offer payment plans to protect you from wage garnishment, bank attachment, attachment of tax refund and even foreclosure.  The North Carolina General Statutes authorize the tax collector to use these methods to collect delinquent tax dollars.  Often times, these collection methods result in added fees to your account.

Don’t find your self at the gas station with a hold on your account, because of a bank attachment or at the checkout in the grocery store and have no way to pay.  This happens to taxpayers all across our state.  King Law Offices wants to ensure that you are protected.  If you have questions about a wage garnishment, bank attachment, tax levy or foreclosure, please give us a call.  We can’t stop your obligation to pay taxes, but we can help you understand what’s owed and verify that the proper collection remedies are being used to collect any debt you may owe.