What To Do When You Are Injured

When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, slip-and-fall, or otherwise, the actions that you take immediately thereafter are vital to the success of your case.  First and foremost, recovery under a claim for personal injury is designed to compensate you for the loss that you have suffered.  This loss primarily comes in the form of medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  You are only able to recover for loss that is a direct result of the accident.  Consequently, it is imperative that you begin seeking medical attention and documenting your loss from the moment of injury.

Seeking immediate medical care is likely one of the most important steps in preserving your personal injury claim.  It supplies your medical providers with the best opportunity to assess your injuries and prescribe treatment to limit their long-term effect.  Further, it serves as evidence that the accident did, in fact, cause the injuries from which you now suffer.  Where weeks, months, or even years pass between the date of the accident and the date of medical treatment, the causal relationship between the two becomes increasingly more tenuous.

You must document your loss.  While many justifiably claim that they suffered pain and suffering as a result of the accident, it must be proven in order to recover damages.  You should keep all of your receipts, prescription information, medical bills and records, documentation of travel expenses to and from your medical providers, and the like.
You should also keep track of each day you miss from work as a result of your injuries, and your prior pay stubs.  Providing this information to the insurance adjuster will help the adjuster fully appreciate the extent of your injuries.

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