Three Tips for Successfully Getting Through a Custody Case

When facing a custody battle there are a few things you should always do.  In this blog post we are going to share the top three tips for successfully getting through a custody case.


  1. Social Media has had a huge impact on custody battles. One may not think it is a big deal at the time to post something.  However, when it comes up in a custody battle, as evidence to impeach your character, you will be rethinking everything you’ve ever posted online! If you are going through a custody dispute, be careful what you post on social media. Pictures and posts from social media accounts are being used as evidence in custody battles daily. Be sure to not post anything regarding your case or anything that you feel would have a negative impact on the case. Consult with your attorney if you are unsure of anything.


  1. Unfortunately, custody battles never truly end. Custody orders can always change and be modified. As a result, it is important to document anything that happens that you think may be important when it comes to custody of your child. One can never be too prepared. It helps your attorney out tremendously when you come in for a meeting with specific dates, times, and notes regarding incidents that you feel are important for the custody case.


  1. Custody cases are extremely emotional and stressful. It is important for you to remember that your attorney has your best interests at the forefront.  You can rely on them to get you through this tough time. Your attorney has studied the area of family law and knows how to handle your case to get the best outcome possible for you.

If you are facing a custody battle, we also recommend that you speak with a family law attorney to protect the bond between you and your children.  To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys regarding custody, please call us at 888-748-KING (5464).   You may also request a consultation using the form on our website.