Private Investigators and Child Custody Cases

Private investigators are often hired by concerned parents to follow the other parent while he or she has physical custody of the children. If a father is concerned that the mother is dating a known criminal or a father is concerned that the mother has multiple dating partners, this father could hire a private investigator to confirm his suspicions. If the private investigator discovers that the mother is in fact dating an individual with multiple drug convictions, this information can be used to argue against child custody for that parent. Private investigators may also be used to confirm rumors of multiple dating partners. Private investigators can also be used to determine whether one parent is placing the children in harm’s way by using drugs while the children is in his or her care. If you are thinking about hiring a private investigator to assist in your child custody case, please consult with an attorney prior to hiring anyone.  Like attorneys, private investigators must be licensed in the State of North Carolina. Your attorney can assist you in choosing a fully licensed private investigator for your case.  Avoid asking friends to follow your spouse as any information obtained through this method may be inadmissible in court. If you and your attorney determine that a private investigator would be beneficial in your family law case, remember to be completely honest with your private investigator. He or she will need all of the information regarding your case to run a successful investigation. A successful investigation could uncover information that you would not have had otherwise and as such, will become an integral part of your case. Lastly, do NOT tell anyone you have hired a private investigator. You do not want your private investigator’s “cover” to be blown because someone tells the investigated party.