My Ex Claimed Our Child(ren) on Their Taxes!

There is nothing more discerning than when someone else claims your child(ren) as their dependents for their taxes.  Many times you may not find out until your submission has been rejected. For many families today, especially single parents, this anticipated refund is used to help make ends meet.

To eliminate the stress and confusion, it is important to have an Order that sets out who claims the children as dependents for their taxes, and for what year.   For example:

  • “Plaintiff Father is to claim the following minor children, Amy and Bob, as dependents every year.”
  • “Plaintiff Mother is to claim the minor child as dependent for her taxes in the odd fiscal year, and Defendant Father is to claim to the minor child as dependent for his taxes in the even fiscal year.”

The attorneys at King Law are experienced and well-versed in handling these issues to help put our clients in the best position possible in the immediate future, as well as in long term.

If you have learned that someone else has claimed your child(ren) as their dependents, it is important to respond appropriately to the IRS so that you can get your refund.  Keep in mind that this may take months.  The attorneys at King Law are able to assist you with this process.