Do you have a Digital Estate?

Do you have a Digital Estate?  Do you know what a Digital Estate is?  If you do know what a Digital Estate is or if you have one, how are you protecting and safeguarding those digital assets.  Are you taking the same care with your digital assets as you are with your real and personal assets?  Recently Attorney Sunderhaus with King Law Offices in Gastonia, North Carolina attend a seminar where the speaker discussed the importance of protecting your Digital Assets.  Attorney Sunderhaus assisted the speaker with providing a short form with types of assets, issues related to those assets, and types of remedies to protect those assets.

  • What is a Digital Estate?
    • A Digital Estate is anything that is stored electronically for the use and enjoyment of a person or a business.

In this day and age a large majority of the population has moved into the digital era.  What I mean is that a large number of us now use e-mail, social media, cloud storage, online bill pay, and banking.  The issue with this is that most of these digital assets are paperless and password protected.

  • Why does this pose a problem?

This poses many problems as access may be next to impossible to gain or may take an exorbitant amount of time and resources to obtain.  If these assets are unknown to others and cannot be properly accounted for and distributed through an estate or trust, the person who spent most of their lives working hard to obtain these assets may not be able to pass them along to their family and friends as they may have wished.  Attached is a short form with some types of personal and business assets, issues that pertain to each, and possible remedies.

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