Theft of Cable TV Service in North Carolina

Under North Carolina General Statues §14-118.5(a), a person is guilty of Theft of Cable Television Service if he or she: (1) knowingly and willfully (2) attaches or maintains an electronic, mechanical, or other connection to, or removes, tampers with, modifies or alters (3) any cable, wire, decoder, converter, device or equipment (5) of a cable television system (5) for the purpose of intercepting or receiving any programming or service transmitted by such cable television system (6) which the person is not authorized by the cable television system to receive.

Under North Carolina General Statues §14-118.5(e), the North Carolina Legislature has determined that proof that any equipment was modified without consent shall be prima facie evidence that the person whose name the equipment was installed under or the person who regularly receiving the benefits of the cable service committed the act knowingly and willfully.  Therefore, unless disproved, the mere fact that there was a modification of cable equipment is sufficient for the State to prove that the person acted knowingly and willfully.

In North Carolina, theft of cable television service is punished as a Class 3 Misdemeanor with the possibility of 20 days in jail which may include a maximum fine of $500.00. When dealing with the a charge of Theft of Cable TV Service, it is always essentially to have an attorney to help you through the process because such charge opens up the possibility for the cable television service company to institute a civil action against you under North Carolina General Statues §14-118.5(c).

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